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Discipline=Trauma & Pain

Cover by me♡

Cover by me♡

In a way I was brought up to hide my feelings
What parents call "discipline"
To a child it's trauma and pain
Crying was seen as nothing
Either "shut up"
"I don't wanna hear that"
A hit
Expressing your feelings
Was seen as disrespect
"Being grown"
"Who you think you talking to?"
To a child learning how to grow up strong
Good head on their shoulders
What's being taught and seen is hate
No one to turn to
Not to say a word cause there are consequences
Any type of emotion shown
"Go to your room"
Or get put into the room
It becomes the only safe haven
The only place where you can express your feelings
Where you don't have to worry about anything or anyone
The feelings of seeing no one cares
"They're gonna be angry"
Makes you sheltered
Makes you scared
To ask anything
Ask for anything
Do anything
Talk about anything
But "the routine" that you know of
So you turn to yourself
To find ways to cope
Got alot to say
Thinking alot
But none of it "can't" come out
Cause what parents call "discipline"
To a child it's trauma and pain

© 2021 Chelsea Charlotten

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