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Discard That Polluted Food

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He turned 69 years recently, his wife died about nineteen years ago from the complications associated to the parturition of their only son. After her death, he mourned her for weeks after which he resolved not to marry again, for it took them about ten years before she could take

In, apart from that, his love for the woman was great and he decides that he does not want to share her bed with any other woman, no not in this life, again for it is the believe of the people of the island that when one marries another woman after the death of one’s wife one

Would not be able to marry that woman in the world beyond again. According to the ancient belief of the people of the island, there is marriage in the world beyond and it would be between the woman that one spends his last days on earth with. If he marries another

Woman now, it means that it is that woman that he will spend the last moment of his life on earth with, and this would deny him of getting married to the woman who has suffered greatly with him before her demise. Because of this he decides that he is not going to marry

Another woman, and apart from that he wants to take care of the baby she has left behind. She found a foster mother for the baby she left behind, who helped him in taking care of the baby during the neonate and the childhood period. During this time the business he and his

Wife was managing before her demise was still thriving and he was managing the business well, with the income from the business he was able to pay for the foster mother and meet with the hospital and other medical requirements for the baby until he grows up. The baby

Survives the neonate phase and was enrolled in the kindergarten school alongside other children. He monitors his academics and was able to sponsor him to High School. However, by the time his son gets to the High School there was recession in the island and the business

Of the man was not progressing like before, there was a time that he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. He tried to pick the pieces of his business life up again by selling some of the properties that he has, but his business never picks up again for all the money he

Reinvested in the business went south, and the man becomes a shadow of himself. After the high school, the son could not progress again and he suggested that he joins him in the business, because to him it seems as if the business climate has changed, it was not like what

It was obtainable in the years past. His son joined him in the business but things are not as expected for them. The man however notices changes in his health status, he has not been able to do that which he was doing before. He thence hands over the work to his son and was

Not going to the store again. this has been ongoing for months, but he has no money to go to the hospital to check out his health status. One day he heard some people who called themselves Non-Government Organization going about telling the people of the

Neighborhood that there would be a free medical test at the neighborhood hall he decides to go to the place to check out his health status. On getting to the place, that was where the medical personnel discovered that he has high blood pressure and would have developed

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Serious complications associated with the disease assuming he did not come for the medical test. Drugs were prescribed for him to buy to control the blood pressure, he was counseled to give his heart rests, and eat less of calorie foods but more of fruits and proteins

To control the blood. The man thanked them but he knows changing his diet would be difficult because fruits and proteins are cost in the island, the business his son is running is a shadow of itself. He tries to keep to what the medical people have said by trying to take fruits

And his drugs. One day he went and buy some fruits from the street hawkers, he was unable to check those fruits properly at the place. On getting to his house, he discovers that some of those fruits are spoilt, this pained him, because he does not have money on him again

To buy another fruits, then he remembers the adage in the island that says, the money which when one considered the money one uses in buying polluted food this will inhibit one from throwing those foods away. Therefore, instead of throwing those fruits to the waste bin,

He decides to excise the portions that have been affected by microbes and started eating the rest, saying one needs to apply wisdom during this recession period. He does not know that with age, the immunity reduces, and old people need to be taken good foods. A day after

Eaten the fruits, he discovered that he has abdominal discomfort, and from this body pains and high temperature. He has been treating himself by buying over the counter drugs, unknown to him that the effect of the infection is wide and perverse. One night the pain

Becomes unbearable and he was taken to the hospital by his son, it was there that the medical personnel told him that he has some intestinal perforations. He needs to be prepared for the theater if he will survive this. His son went and take a loan to get his father treated, he

Was wheeled into the theater, but the doctors was unable to save his life. The death of his father shocked him greatly because he was hoping that things would change and he would be able to take care of his father.