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Disappearing Days

You Wake Up

This day is all mine

I have my whole life ahead of me

To do whatever I want

I can be King or Queen

The wonderful master of the universe

I am alive and well

I can read and learn anything

My body is young and healthy

There is so much to do

All I have to do is hit start

Then I am off

Doing what so many people before me have given some thought

With unlimited energy I begin to set free

Each dream and every passion

Your welcome at anytime to come and join me

The morning light is bright

The afternoon is a delight

The night covers us with a dark blanket

So we may rest

Tomorrow is another day

It can be a copy of today

It also can be different in any way we chose

This time we have more experience than before

We have learned so many things

So many things can be done faster and more efficient

Always learning as we go

We see the world grow

Once young and wet behind the ears

Now seasoned and we have found a few complaints

Things don't always go as good as expected

We have setbacks and diversity

Still plenty of time

To set the record straight

No time to give up

We can work harder and long into the night

Waking up earlier every day

Speeding through like a hot rod on a fast track

Look out world here we come

As we barrel through

Our engine runs great for a long time

One day our engine has trouble starting

It starts and stops

Runs for awhile and then putters out

Our visions of life change

The beautiful day is now

A view through the thick glass window

The beautiful flowers that we use to plant

Are cut sitting in a vase

Still vibrant for awhile

They begin to wither and die

We think of the past and are locked in the present

Where things are no longer as easy as they once were

Frustrated and easily annoyed

What happened to the endless joy

Bring back those good old days

Where we could ride off into the sunset

A small tree takes root

Where the old one has fallen

It grows stronger and stronger by day

As the old wood rots

Slowly breaking down and decaying

It is raining and dew is all around us

The young plants leaves thrive on the morning sun

Once again we begin on our journey

Will this turn into a tall tale or a long mystery

Maybe a maginificient story

That someone will read

Then again it could be just one book like many

Left on a shelf

Collecting dust

It has seen better days

It's cover tattered and worn

A slight rip on one of it's pages

Yes, someone has picked her up

Held her gently

Read a few pages

Liked her so

Put her under their arm

So excited to tell everyone

All about this magnificient and wonderful life

Carried her away

Now both can be happy

In a way words can't hide