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The thirtieth century

The thirtieth century

The thirtieth century

It is fashionable to travel in time;

I will travel to two thousand years ago.
We are in the 30th century
millions of things you will see.

Come, enter my modern verses,
Travel with me to the 18th century or the 21st century,
you will like to see our ancestors.

We have already evolved
both physically and spiritually.
There is no old age.
There are no secrets anymore!
nor the lies.
And we always fight against evil.

Communication is more frequent;
with telepathy.
We know the secrets of our dimensional selves.
And love for God and his son Jesus,
occupies our mind
making it efficient.

The time Machine;
science and gift that we had to live;
will decline, there is no doubt,
all science will lie,
But meanwhile,
the gifts that God has given us,
with technology we will enjoy it,
while it lasts...

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