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Dimension Of Our Life

Swati Sharma, a freelance content writer, aims is to reach the world through her articles and identify herself as the best author.


A New Dimension of Life.

Give some new dimension to life

Do something out of the box

It is normal to be born and die

Do something great other than this

Decide to do something big

Give some new dimension to life

Know how to become

A special from A common

Give life a new dimension

People die every day who asks them

One day we too will join them

Immortalize yourself by your deeds

Give life a new dimension

Human birth is precious

Don't just miss this opportunity

If you smile today, then give happiness to others

Keep improving yourself with such qualities

Well, we have come alone in the world and will go

But as long as there is breath,

keep paying everyone there

You feel proud of yourself

Give life such a new dimension

Live a life full of enthusiasm

Give yourself this dimension with life

© 2021 Swati Sharma

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