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Just 50 year old guy in Beaverton Oregon, who enjoys family, craft beer, and being stupid. I have always enjoyed creative writing.

Photo credit given to: Eirik Solheim

Photo credit given to: Eirik Solheim

The choice is yours ...

To hurt or repair

Live to lust for likes

or live to love and breathe

Choose to be carbon based or rejoin humanity

Shut off the WiFi and the disconnect LTE

Dance to atrial rhythms

Create unlimited possibilities

Nurture the self between synaptic explosions

Or filter originality through an Amoled prism

Awaken & embody purposeful inspiration

Look down upon miles of a pillowy cumulus blanket

Heal with dignified action wounds of a broken nation

Or troll in cowardice fueling divisiveness & complacence

The choice is yours

Supply the demand or demand the supply

Succumb to alarmed impulse or take action when a child cries

Rediscover complexion with infectious curiosity with repurposed eyes

Or remain captive secluded, hunchbacked, concave

Listen to alarms

Sirens with auditory intent to caution and warm

Rediscover awareness in leu of careless attention deficit self harm

Look up, not down, on summers eve

Marvel at the illuminating light from distant stars

Extend a loving hand when a loved one reaches

Instead of an indifferent elbow raised arm

Foreplay instead of play four

Resist mindlessness catatonically reading reviews of your favorite artists World Tour

Become an enigma, a mystery, your humanity, a silent allure

Be still, silent, feel, let your soul speak

Allow her to provide clarity, answers unfiltered, and pure

The choice is yours.

Relationship quality time

Evening family functions of dysfunction & Island communication exemplified

Ideas shared within a 4 foot radius of new Millennium hieroglyphics

Love weeps as does the feeling of failure draining father’s pride

Justified distraction supremely reigns

The new axiom of self confidence.. truth

Alternating Current the new unquentionable addiction

The empty bottle of which we drink savoring all

Before we pass out from single malt 100 proof

So take heed in this age of Digital Reality

We, not I, exist not in 3 dimensions but 4 to 5

A transparent yet hidden universe of sight, sound,

No longer a humanistic feeling or vibe

A servile collective

Void of individuality, morality, designed to serve the tribe

Lemmings in worship of the corporate queen

Suckling her promulgation of law statutes for the hive

Existence is futile

Resistance is futile

Be enlightened informed, while the overseer remains entertained

Reception bars & battery life percentage replace plasma once blessed & ordained

The life force, now you, within each river branched vein



This governance of hypertext Order of principalities

From cellular to binary

Individual purpose is prewritten in the stars beneath a diamond punched dome

Regardless of likes, followers, HP, or ranking,

When the last bar flashes, sweat drops & anxiety rages

You’ll be left as you were when you began, raw, naked & exposed

In harmony with the universe

“That which is without is within”

Void of the external



Staring at the falling diamond teardrop in your reflection

Accepting humanity



The choice is yours....

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