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Source Of Happiness


There is one thing called happiness

We all want it more or less

It is not sold in the market

But that is one thing that we all target

It has not any price tag

We cannot put it in a bag

It is something which you cannot hold

But it is more precious than gold

You can get it in a drop of rain

Otherwise all are in vain

You may find it in a child’s laughter

Take it as blessings of the master

You may feel it in your grandpa’s hand

Or you will lose it like the sand from your hand

You may catch it while watching sunrise

It makes you feel wise and nice

You may embrace him when you meet your old friend

You will feel worth to live on this land

You will realize it in watching stars

It makes you forget all your scars

When you give it to someone

You will receive double in return

When you get your lost thing back

It makes you feel there is not any lack

Happiness is inside you

It is as tender as a drop of dew

It does come from within

It is endless in regime

It comes in so many shades

Decorates your life with different threads

It is not tangible

To recognize it we need to be sensible

To welcome it with your open arms

Be mesmerized with its charm

We all are running for it

Trying hard to meet

We are failed to locate

Want to fill our pockets

It does reside in our hearts

Be ready to discover it and restart.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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