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Differences That Shape Our World

They Make Us Better Not Worse

When did we all become the same?

Last I checked we look different

Because we are different

That is a good thing

We have the right to think and be who we want to be

Not a copycat

An original instead of a forgery

Why can't we start celebrating our uniqueness?

Be proud of our ability to see the world in a different light

Life would be pretty boring if we all were the same

It is time to stop!

We have to help each other achieve

Our secret potential

How do we do this?

By trying different things

No matter what it is

It can be simple

Eating different foods

Learning different customs

Listening to someone else's opinion different than our own

Instead of being quick to judge

Trying to change people to our way of thought

Wouldn't it be nice?

To welcome change for the time being

Try seeing the world from a different view

When we fall in love with someone

Is it because they are like us?

They do the same things we enjoy

They agree with our way of life

Maybe it is also because they are different in so many ways?

They slowly show us

They have different ways to do the same thing

Which can be a good approach after all

Yesterday, I went to go outside

The wind was wild and blowing leaves around like crazy

It made working in the yard impossible

I cursed that darn wind

All I wanted to do is work outside in the yard

I did not want to change my firm belief

Each time I thought the wind had finally stopped

It began to blow even harder

Twirling and swirling everything it could

I headed indoors

Really quite mad

Now one day later

The wind is finally gone

I missed out on all the joy

Of experiencing a windy day for what it is

I could of walked outside and felt the wonderful cool breeze

Instead I couldn't get inside soon enough

Thinking my way was the only way

How wrong was I to misjudge

So next time when we think we can solve all the worlds problems

By doing something the way we would like to have it

Think again?

Find a day that is so different

A day far from what you expected

Try to enjoy what you have not what you have wanted

Let the wind

Guide you to a fresh new start

An amazing wonderful new beginning