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Did You See Christmas?

E. David John is an exceptional writer. With a sense of depth in simple words, he conveys deep feelings into lines and spaces and meanings.


Did you see Christmas?

I'm not quite sure how it'll be

Thin or fat, dark or fair
Last he walked here, Twenty-fifteen or so

Did you see Christmas?
Vicissitude of times annex,
Very Unkind, with a soothing grip,
Gatecrashing, with a thousand tones of prickly weights

Did you see Christmas?
I can't hear the rhythms ring
O, precious moments lost
And nightmare loom,
Why didn't Christmas, my home abode?

Did you see Christmas?
Family tree uncalled, everyone of you I miss.
Buried in the kin, our darkest hour,
Miles away I hear it's Christmas today.

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