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Did You Put Supper Away?

I Thought You Did?

We ate and watched t.v.

Then both tired got ready for bed

We decided to leave the dirty dishes for tomorrow

When I went to wash the dishes the next morning

I saw the Kielbasa in a pan on the stove

Honey, we both thought each other put the food away

It's no good now

Has this ever happened to you?

In the past, we took out the chicken to defrost

We looked at it later and it was still frozen solid

Then we got busy

One thing led to another

The next day our chicken we took out

Was still sitting on the counter

Just where we left it

Is this old age?

The early signs of forgetfulness?

Two busy people getting ahead of themselves?

A combination of all of the above

Either way

In the garbage, you go

My father would say

That wasn't smart

A waste of money and time

You have to use your head

For more than a hat rack


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