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Did You Love Me?

Why Didn't He Love Me?


Did you love me at first or ever?

Did you want me then or never?

Did the sunshine warm your cold heart?

Did you cry when I died, and we parted?

Are you lonely in your dark bedroom?

Did you marry again so soon? A new groom!

Before my body was even cold,

Did you flirt and become bold?

Did you tell your new lover about your affairs?

Did you have the nerve to confess to your heirs?

Did you smile as you told her the same lies?

Did you brag about it to the guys?

Did you throw away all my precious treasures?

I hear Hell deals out non-pleasures.

In my "spirit form", I am watching you,

I am near you---did you hear a dove coo?

In the early twilight, I watch as you come home,

Most of the time, you are not alone.

Karma is not just for the rich,

It can strike you like an angry bitch.

Did you prepare for a life of payback?

With all your sins, you will be swayback.

Watch the clock because there is reincarnation,

When it happens to you, there will be a celebration.

Will you visit my grave with flowers?

Will you stay there for a few hours?

I think not. You are always too late.

Because it is your fate.

To feel safe and superior,

But in essence, you are inferior.

You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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