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Sometimes no matter how genuine you are to other people, or even if you have not done them anything wrong, they would still fail you at some points. Until you come to ask yourself, was it your fault that they broke your trust? Was it because you were not good enough to be a friend?

It is really hard to find true friends, If you have found them, cherish them. Make your friendship grow. Don't build it out of lies, else it would just end up hurting either one of you.

This poem has a bit of ferocity in it. Words coming from a hurt friend.


Real friends are hard to find

They're like diamonds you have to mine

They don't scatter like rocks in the river

You have to search and dig deeper

Fake ones can make you blind

They wore fake faces

so they can hide

The ones that'll leave you behind

They tend to deceive,

They make you believe,

They break your trust

They lie if they must

A soul, they lack

gossips behind your back

what a shame to buy

They're sickening lies

What a waste of time

To brefriend a sham

Fake friendships can easily bend

They're phony who like to pretend

What kind of a friend

Who stabs you in the end

So don't let them get

into your nerve

You're a diamond

they don't deserve

Your confidence

they can never shake

Your spirit

they can never take

You're a diamond

they can never break

© 2018 Roshena

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