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Diamonds In The Rough Have It Tough In A World Of Pebbles

Emee.chan is a writer trying to depict humans. She tries to understand the motives behind their actions.


Diamonds And Pebbles Switch Places

You're a diamond in the rough,
Pretending to be a mere rock
Nondescript and unimportant.

You are the light that brightens
Every room you enter,
Yet you choose to find solace in the dark.

You are like the sun, warming anyone
Who enjoys your presence,
But you push them all away with your coldness.

You are a kind soul,
Comforting and gentle.
Instead you behave like you're unapproachable.

You are smart and creative, your ideas
Having the potential to get you far.
You choose to behave like you're dumb.

You are full of emotions, often not knowing
How to deal with them.
So you don't, portraying yourself as an empty shell.

You're soothing, having the power
To heal those broken and in need of help,
But you turn your head the other way, trying to say you don't care.

And for whose sake you're doing that?
For yours? For theirs?
What do you think you'll accomplish?

Do you believe yourself happier
While you hide all your qualities?
Are you truly satisfied with just a bare minimum?

You let yourself be
Walked over by those who
Got it all, without lifting a single finger.

As much as you try to avoid it,
Whether you want it or not,
You'll get what you deserve, as every person does.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković