Dharma Speaks Pt 3

Updated on April 14, 2020
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4 types of spiritual people
4 types of spiritual people
4 types of spiritual people | Source

Get Spiritual

Feel the vibe of your inner being down to the core

Do not arrest yourself

I detest that you confine yourself and categorize yourself

Liberate yourself from the confines of anything that traps you

Free your mind, the soul is limitless

I praise God, but I do not confine myself

Do not put limitations on yourself

When you get old you say,

"oh I can't listen to this music anymore'

"I can't listen to anything but church music"

"I got to look serious all the time"

"I got to tone my energy down a bit"

You tend to go to the extreme

Does not your spirit know discernment

Then why should you put yourself through internment

You train your mind to become timid

You stunned the energy of your spirit

Getting spiritual means you are initiating your multidimensional self

because you are a multidimensional/universal being

Expand your mind

You are abundant

Reach out to all that you are and be yourself

If you want to rock on rock on

hip-hop on

rap on

read a comic-book

watch a movie

Play chess

You know the rest


Do not repress your happiness

happiness is spiritual

Like a bolt of lightning get spiritual

Get filled with faith and believe in the inner you

You are more than a Pentecostal

You are more than a Christian

You are more than a Methodist



Being filled with faith means being filled with Christ Consciousness

Being a follower of Christ you are limitless

You are infinitive

and that is definitive

When you put your vitality on lock-down

When you limit your spirituality

When you tone down your energy

When you limit your happiness and faith in the inner God

then you are dead in sin

You become timid

You have no kundalini Christ Consciousness flow

Stop arresting yourself soul of man

When you arrest yourself and arrest others in mental bondage

you are creating your enemy on the outside

What you put out into the universe you get back

When you disrespect yourself

When you disrespect the boundary's of others

When you deny liberty to people that don't look like you

When you covet what belongs to someone else

When you bare false witness

When you put a stumbling block before others

When you back-stab

When you have hidden ulterior motive for self-gain

then you are creating your enemy on the outside

Your enemy manifest on a world scale

You wonder why your enemy is fear-mongering you

and trying to take away your freedom and liberty

Causing propaganda and destruction around the world

One wickedness after another

The very thing you were doing to each other

has gone out into the world

Soul of man

Confront your shadow

When you confront the shadow within you

the world begins to change

Reason with the evil wolf that you have been feeding within yourself

and become one with your divine self

Be yourself

and do not confine yourself

Let loose

Come together in Christ

because when two or more are gathered in Christ

there is Christ Consciousness

Tap into that energy within

Dance and

sing yourself into trance into altered states of consciousness

tap into that fire

The more you tap into that fire

then you tap into the inner you

you in-turn heal the world

The energy represents the dance of shakti and Shiva

They dance in times of distress, sickness, wickedness, famine, death, etc

Shaman's danced to make it rain and to heal the lands of sickness and pain

The energy is the rescuers of the children

Releases people out of bondage

and fight evil forces

The way you act during these trying times will determine the timeline you are on

One timeline is the positive timeline

You are on this timeline when you live through your 5 dimension heart

This means you are doing the spiritual work and are helping others

The other timeline is the negative timeline where you could

be oppressed and controlled by 5G frequencies

How are you treating people

Are you covetous and oppressing others

Are you a homewrecker and taker

Do you like to see people happy

Do you like to see people getting ahead

or are you putting a stumbling block before others

Become one with yourself and bring out the healer in you

Like the flower children of 1967 aided in the healing of their time

it is time for the healers of this time to do the same

The light-bringers

The rainbow people

The Indigo and crystal ones

The ones that prophesy and speak or write inspired utterances

The spirit gives different gifts for a divine purpose

Dance, sing, heal, prophesy

Get spiritual and be yourself

tap into Christ Consciousness

Together we are Christ Consciousness

Divided we fall

It is love that casts out all evil


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 

      5 weeks ago from Santa Barbara, California

      A lot of good advice and encouragement.


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