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Dharma Speaks Pt 2



Don't Look Away

Don’t look away

The moment you began to look away from yourself you lose yourself

The more you lose yourself the more you forget yourself

Don’t look away

because when you look away

you forget the love that you once knew

you forget that inner you that exist

you began not to listen to your intuition

and lose your inhibition

you began to lose your spiritual connection

and to lose the spirit in you that was sublime

to stay at one with the divine

You become confused like a spell

You began to fade away into the veil

Don’t look away

because what you used to know

becomes a fantasy

while you lose your sanity

Your inner world begins to fade

Your spiritual senses began to calcify

The lower beta levels began to amplify

Don’t look away

because cognitive dissonance becomes of you

Your neither here or there

Trading the truth for a lie becomes your nature

Your skepticism becomes a downward evolution of failure

You become ethnocentricized


You become colonized with wicked thoughts

Don’t look away

and send your spiritual nature astray

Confusion sets in again and again

You began to worship a god on the outside of yourself

You began to see money, The Politician, The Preacher man, The Priest, Pope, Guru, or God’s messenger’s as your God

and the God in you is no more

Don't look away

I know there’s a karmic debt to pay

I know that there is free will and man is free to do evil will

When heaven and earth become one

debts will be paid

and it will be the end of this facade

Don’t look away

You become drunk with idolatry

Putting your energy into the material

you created false reality’s

false hopes and dreams

You create wars, famine, diseases, poverty

sending the world into a downward spiral

Don’t look away


Your descendants are drunk with

pride, lust, covetousness, jealousy, hate, anger, deceit, competition

and I tell each one of them

don’t look away

It’s not too late

Confront your shadow self within

Break the chain and look within

Turn back the hands of time

Know that God is within