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Dharma Speaks

We Are God Within

God is you and I

We are God's temple

God Dwells within us

When we are together we ignite the power of God

When we feel love we experience God

When we are happy we experience God

When we have joy we experience God

When we feel faith we experience God

When you experience freedom you experience God

When you have freewill you experience God

When we share moment to moment's with each other we are the reflection of the inner God

When we have family outing's

When we play with our children

When we gather with our friends

Together we reflect the love of God

What we speak into our hearts, in turn, it is spoken into the world

When we speak light in our heart

Let there be light

so it will be into the world

When you speak with kindness

it grows flowers

When you are happy

the sun shines

When we show compassion to one another

When we have mental calmness and melt into one

it all reflects out into the world and becomes the world we built

When we feel love, joy, peace, serenity, compassion, and generosity

we manifest the world for you and I

When we sing, dance, pray, and love

and our eyes meet eye to eye

I see the God that dwells in you because it is in me