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Dewdrop Poetry


I'm in a never ending game of hide and seek,

I don't even know what I'm looking for anymore.

In my bedroom, under my sheets,

There's nothing left for me to explore.

Now I'm running in the night,

What I crave isn't around.

I pick up a piece that used to be me,

I just wanted to be found.


Fluent in Self-Love

I hope you'll one day discover,

How to speak fluently in self-love.

That you'll hug every curve and body part,

And realise there's nothing you want to dispose of.

One day you'll awake and realise,

That the route of acceptance is hard and long.

But when you finally reach your destination,

You'll be happy to find out nothing was ever wrong.


There are worse things

My mind is sore from thinking,

Heart pierced from breathing.

Fingertips hurt from lingering,

Eyes stung from reading.

I feel like I'm drowning,

In a bottle of wine.

"There are worse things to drown in,"

Another person spitting tears inclines.


Placebo Effect

When we're young we believe,

That a blanket can protect you from harm.

A bandage over a cut,

Would heal like a charm.

Now I have aged,

And the bruises are within.

The placebo effect is defective,

As I swallow a cyanide toxin.

No sugar coated pill,

Can make me believe everything gonna turnout.

Just goes to show there is nothing pretty,

about bleeding from the inside out.


Waking Up

I wanna go back in time where the only thing,

That I associated with sleep was dreams.

I'm afraid of the eyes being sewn shut,

And it won't unravel at the seems.

Fading into a dream,

A show for you to entertain until you think about,

Never waking up again.