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Devil Is on My Back

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


There is a clear distinction between the good and the bad deeds in this world. Each of us very well understands this. Most of the people will like to do good things in their lives and have a peaceful and calm journey. At the same time there are some evil people who do a variety of wrong things and create problems and troubles for the fellow beings and the society.

There are many theories to explain the behavior of these people in the society but the most accepted one says that God made us to do good things only but it is the devil who time to time forces us to do some wrong things in spite of our apparent resistance for it. So we simply put the onus of doing wrong things on the devil. But the fact of the matter is that devil is not a separate entity. It is actually embedded in us, in our behavior, in our thinking, and in our lives. We can't get away by saying that devil did it or forced us to do something which is not acceptable in the society.

So, the question arises whether the devil is really a part of ourselves and can we get rid of it in our lives. Is is possible to do that?

This poem is an effort to understand these complexities and contradictions and probably would help us in moving a step ahead to get an answer to these questions.

Devil is on my back

The devil is always,

Sitting on my back.

As if I am loaded with,

A permanent sack.

When I want to do,

Some good for others.

The devil laughs, tells me,

They are not my brothers.

When I want to walk,

In a path of good choices.

The devil smiles, provokes me,

To learn a few vices.

Leave me the dirty imp,

Please leave my life.

Let me live alone and happy,

Let me get out of this strife.

I hate him and I pray,

I shout, and I cry.

The devil grins, I am your part,

If I leave, you simply die.

Only now I realise that,

The devil was born with me.

Though in past I always thought,

That I am I and he is he.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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