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Destruction of Inocence

A socially inept, introvert, who still believes in magic. She has been writing online for ten years. She began her book seven years ago.


Why does the darkness always devour

those among us with The purest of souls?

brokenhearted broken-minded,

people just searching for home.

Home what an ordinary word.

It sounds so simple.

Where do most people go at the end of the day?

Why they go home of course...

Of course (of course), they go home.

Where else would they go?

yet when you think of home,

Are you all alone?

Alone- such an overused word.

One can be alone yet be completely content.

Now the word lonely,

that is something altogether different.

Different because lonely can be felt,

whether you're alone, or with someone else.

So these people- the broken among us.

They are searching for the lonliness to fade.

Fade away just like an escape.

They search for some place they fit in,

some place they belong,

mostly they want the loneliness to be gone.

Gone like everything good in their lives,

all those things that make them feel alive.

Gone like those little moments of pleasure,

be they brief yet so very intense.

Intense is the pain, which has become the norm.

pain so sharp,

it scrapes through to the bone.

pain they eventually try to numb.

Numb to the pain,yes,

this sounds oh so good.

yet they end up numbing everything ,

which really doesn't sound so bad.

Bad is what else occurs in the process.

It is within this process, I do believe,

the darkness begins to gain entry.

Entry into the heart

entry into the mind,

until the darkness devours

The inocence of those who are now blind.

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