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Destruction Forms Creation

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Seven years clean of herion going a year free from booze


No inhalants for a poet consuming only imagination to come to grips with reality

Life is a strange trip I think it's time I share the origin of mine.
I was born with a rare birth defect one out of two thousand two hundred get.
Craniosynostosis early life in school wasn't easy with a deformed head.
Stuttering moving my hands just to get a sentence it was hard trying to make friends.
Raised by my mother doing her best in the nursing field.
She has a big heart trying to change abusive drug addicts or lazy alcoholics.
As I grew up in a broken home, I fell in love with music it helped me cope.
One day in sixth grade I discovered my talent to draw I was obsessed doing it every day.
When I was a fifth teen, I lost one of my closest friends that I called dad to an OD.
I was lost and devastated got wrapped in drugs started to shoot up.
Then I met this girl who I thought would be my true love.
We were off and on until I was eighteen when my grandmother lost her mind then died.
A year later I made a promise to myself I wanted to be a dad and quit the drugs.
So, I started tattooing myself in between the throw ups it was hell.
When alcohol became legal to me, I took advantage drinking heavily.
At that time Faith came back into my life with a started family I thought it was meant to be.
Years down the line she used me saying things to get inside my head pushing the stool so I'd hang by the neck.
One drunken February night I discovered my gift to write it was a poem instead of a letter of my departure.
A month later my life got a lot darker released from a mental institution shorted on antipsychotics.
I was drunk arguing decided to cut my mother on the arm.
My punishment I was shot in the chest twenty feet away lost about eight pints that night.
Doctors were surprised I survived with a ten percent chance with a pile of luck.
In that hospital bed I made a promise I would do my best to help anyone going through something like this.
Court got settled I got sentenced to five years' probation upon my release from jail.
I managed to get a job about a year and half later I'm still with it.
Things have changed since my darkest day currently chasing a four-year degree.
Hell, I was surprised the love of my life Cassie found me on social media being collective not hoping for anything.

With all my struggles I hope to be like everyone else.

Similar stress of paying a mortgage by age forty.

I'm only twenty-six and life isn't done I was put on this earth to help someone.

© 2021 Cory Dye

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