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Destroying the Bridges #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He is begotten by a man who was not responsible as a family man all that he knows is

Penetrating women with his rod and getting them pregnant. He impregnated four women at

Once in the neighborhood. He was able to succeed in doing this because he was an orator

With a very sweet mouth. Women love those with sugarcoated mouths in the island much

So when they had embraced them with their lies, promising them heavens and earth. This was

How the man lied to those young ladies and put them in the family way. When their

Pregnancies became known to all, their parents sent them out of their houses stating that

They cannot be feeding two or more people at once, because a woman with pregnancy is two

Or more. Having sent them out, they all headed for the house of the man who impregnated

Them but they were rudely shocked to discover that he has left the island. His parents told

Them that he left the island about six days ago with the promise that he will soon return but

He has not return since then. They were amazed to meet at the man’s house, and when they

Told his parents that what was in them is the handiwork of their son. They were not too

Surprised because they know their son is an orator and with the kind of lies in his hand, it will

Take special grace for ladies not to become a victim. They welcomed them and give them

Accommodation, saying that he will soon return to take care of them. In the meanwhile,

They gave them what they could be working with individually to bring them income till their

Lover returns. They have been in this situation for months but the man did not return, thence

The man’s parents keep looking after them. since the major work in the island is farming,

Fishing, and trading, they were supporting them for they do not want them to become a

Liability unto them. All the ladies put to bed, yet the man did not return to the island. All they


Heard of him was that he is moving from an island to another, seeking for greener pasture

For himself. And in all the islands he has visited, he used to impregnate one or more ladies

There before leaving the island. When those ladies heard of this they knew that there is no

Hope for them, for someone who has nothing but goes around impregnating people would

Not be able to cater for them and their children, thence, they all left his parents’ house when

Their babies are old enough to be weaned to look for another husband to be married to. This

Was what happened to his mother, for he was one of the three maidens that the young

Man impregnated in the island before eloping. When she returned to her father’s house, her

Parents welcomed her back, saying the sage says, “irrespective of how bad one’s child is,

One would not chase him or her into the mouth of the lions to be killed”. She started

Raising the baby boy in her parents’ house. Her parents’ too were not that rich, because her

Father has a terminal illness which has debarred him from going to work on the farm again

Like before, thence, he cannot cater for his children like before. It was this situation that

She meets at home and she was trying to cater for her only son, sending him to school with

His peers. But when he gets to primary three his mother could not sponsor him again because

The health of her father has worsened which necessitates him to be carried to different

Hospitals doing several tests which costs a fortune and spending lots of money on him. When

She could not continue with his sponsorship, one of her aunts who lived in another island has

Come home to pay her father a visit and while leaving he has taken her son along to be

Living with him with a promise that she will send him to school to complete his primary

Education and if he performs well she will sponsor him to high school. However, when they

Got to the island, she started maltreating the young chap such that the young boy has to flee her house when he was in primary five and had to return to her mother, because he discovers that he was living in a hell with the woman.