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Destined to Experience Something Like This #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


44. And the lady who have

Left me in that vision

That we got married

In the dream. However,

After we got married

In that revelation I saw

That she was unable to take-in

And I started running from

One end of the earth to

Another in the dream with

Her so that we can have

A child that carries our gene.

Different hospitals were gotten to

Different regimens and experiments

Were conducted on us in that

Dream but there was no changes

And this continued for 22 years

In that dream, at the

Expiration of that year that

Was when we were able

To give birth to a son.

The white appareled man

Now told him that can you

See, this is what would have

Happened to thee assuming

You did not have

A stop over and things go

Smoothly as you have been

Planning and praying for.

Now assuming you escaped this

Too, the Highest asks me

To show you yet another

Thing that could have happened

And this one it is certain

That you cannot circumvent

It, it will surely happen. After

Saying this he told him that

He should see what he was

Saying and again like before

A wind blew, very cold

Refreshing wind and then

Extremely far away things according

To the time of man

Were brought near him in

The dream to see.

Again he sees himself, and

The store that fire has

Ravaged in the past, he

Discovered that the store

Is intact, and blossoming

He discovers that he has

Many members of staff

Working for him in the store

He discovered in the dream

That he has grown old

And there are grey hair

On his head, in the dream

He would be about 60 years

Old. Then he received a message

From another country,

He was being invited for a

Business summit which shall

Be graced by many people

Who have made it in

Their businesses and careers globally.

He has been receiving such

Message for a while without

Attending but that year’s own

He has concluded all plans


To be there. He sets out

For the trip as planned

And he alighted from the

Plane and lodged in the hotel

Where few other business

Partners who have come for

The meeting lodge at.

Things were going on as planned

And a week-old summit

Remains a day to end

When he was arrested by

Policemen in his hotel room

For what he knew nothing

About, he was framed by

A woman for sexual assault

Among other things. While the

Investigations were ongoing, he

Was put behind the bars.

His lawyers tried to get

Him off the hook but they could not.

This was the position which

He was for eighteen years.

When he was behind the bars

In the dream he discovered that

He started praying day and

Night that he be delivered

From what he knew nothing

About. At last the image

Which they have been

Acting upon was discovered

To have been doctored

And the person who sexually

Assaulted the woman also

Confessed to doing the

Dastardly act. He was

Released and damages paid

Him by the government of the

Land. But this he still suffered

And spent those years behind

The bars praying and seeking God

After seeing this, the white

Appareled man told him that

He has been destined that at a

Point in his life he would earnestly

Seek the face of the Lord

In prayers for years. And that

Would not happen to him except

One of those incidents betide him

Now that what happened to him

Has happened at the period of

His youth, it is even better

For him that way because

The Holy Writ says,

It is good for a man that

He bear the yoke in his youth. (Lam 3:27)

At this period of his life

He still has good shock absorbers

Emotionally and physically he

Can still withstand some

Stress but at his later phase

In life he would not

Be able to withstand such

Stressors though he would scale

Through because such has been

Ordained for him, but it

Would be with much agony

Than what he is experiencing now

The white apparel man told him

To stop crying that God

Sees all about him, his anguish and

Travails were open unto the Highest

In due time your deliverance shall

Manifest not before… as he says

This the firmament opens again

And the white apparel man was

Taken over by the firmament

While he discovers that he

Wakes up from the dream

And he could find the droplets

Of tears on his eyelids when he wakes up

As it has been in the dream

Then he said to himself, “I have been

Ordained to experience something

Like this in life, whether early,

Mid or late period of my life”

What else ought I to do other

Than being on the lookout

For the changes that I have

Been hoping for, for long

He blessed his God for sending

His angel to reveal hidden things

About his life unto him.