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Destined to Experience Something Like This #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Julius in office

Julius in office

He was the last born

Of his parents and things

Were going on well with

Him at the inception

Everyone in the neighborhood

Envied him, many parents

Wish that their children

Be like him

But they cannot question

God for how he pleases

He does his things

Among the people he has created

Because things were working

Well for him, he soon

Establishes a business that

Becomes the talk of the

Town. Not long after

The fame spread to

Other regions. Ladies started

Patronizing him, after several

“Stops and Searches” on those

Ladies he settled for

One out of all he

Has been “stopping and searching”

Their love was spectacular

And he was daily

Full of joy that God

Has given him the very

Person he has been

Dreaming and hoping for

To get as wife since

His childhood days.

They started planning their

Wedding and according to

Plans, it should happen

In eight months’ time.

Two weeks after finalizing

For their wedding date

The unexpected happen, fire

Engulfed his business and

Burnt the store to ashes

This happened after he had

Stocked his store with

Goods he has ordered from

Advanced countries, and he

Has received the containers.

His bank account has been

Emptied during the process

Of ordering for the consignments

Because they were new

Products he wants to

Beat other business persons

To it before they start

Knowing about the new

Product in town but alas

This strange incident happened

The fire! When he

Got to his store “what

Is this oh! Lord?”

Was the word that

Came out of his mouth

In this land where

Insurance does not pay off.

The insurance firm he

Registered the business with

Investigated the strange fire

After their investigations what

They could offer him could not

Even repair the store let

Alone buy goods into the

Store. He hopes to get

Loan from banks but he

Was denied because the

Collaterals given were not

Enough for him to be

Considered for the loan applied for

He is the bread winner

Of the family, contacting

Others would seem as

If he wants to mock them

He did not know the

Next step to take, he

Was downcasted and depressed

Her spouse heard of this

Pitied his condition and

Left him. Four weeks after

This incident his spouse

Traveled to another country


And severe the relationship

Between them. His siblings

Comforted him and told

Him to put issue of

Marriage aside for a while

Because when trees

Fall on each other it is

The one at the top that

Would first be removed

And the one at the top in

This case is the issue of

Him getting his business

Rhythm back. They promised

To work with him as

Best as they could to

Get him back on his feet

They tried their best

But nothing concrete happened

Then the guy started praying

To his God for solution

His prayers were as if

One is pouring water

In a basket, it was as

If there is no God.

He cried and cried

To God as he has known

Yet nothing happened. This

Continues year in year out

No changes and he now

Becomes servant under those

Who were once his

Servant. Twelve years after

This incident, while praying

He fell asleep and saw

Firmaments opened and someone

In the figure of a man

Appeared to him. In that

Dream, he saw himself

Sleeping with droplets of

Tears on his eyelids.

The man in the white

Apparel touched the man

Sleeping in the dream

And he woke up as the

The white apparel man

Started talking to him

“You have been greatly

Disturbed by what happened to you

This has made you to

Be thinking that which

Kind of world are you in

You have been saying

Assuming you did not

Order for those products

Even if fire would

Ravage your store, you will

Yet have something with

You and would have picked

Up again. Sometimes you even

Think about committing suicide

Because to you the suffering

Is too much. All this

The most High see and

I have been sent by

Him to tell you

And show you some secrets

About your life, for assuming

You escaped that incident

It is certain that

You will not be able

To escape either of the

Two other incidents that would

Have happened to you in

The future. As he said this

There was a wind that blows

To where we are in the dream

And my eyes were opened

And ears opened as I begin

To look into the future,

For it is as if the wind

Brought something that was

Far away to the present and

Started showing me things

As I see myself.


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