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Destined For Failure


She studied hard in school

Expecting to earn at least a B

Insteand her grades were always

A C minus or a D

Meanwhile her cousin

Got straight A’s effortlessly

She could not understand

This was so difficult to always see

Her meal in home education class

Turned our to be a mess

Her family member won an award

Because her food was determined the best

She felt she was cursed

while her loved one seemed abundantly blessed

She was failing miserably

If life was giving her a test

All the cute guys liked her relative

She was seen as a nerd

When she spoke nobody ever listened

But hung onto her cousin’s every word

Many tears were shed over this anguish

To others she seemed to be strange

Always taking two steps backward

As if it all were prearranged

All she wanted was to find her voice

In this world to take her place

No competition with others

Just living in her own space

Without always dealing with failure

And everything going wrong

It became a lifestyle

Because it went on for so long

As time went on she figured out

That no matter how you try to prevail

Some folk seem to succeed with ease

Others are always being derailed

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