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Destined Flame

A graduate of Business Management. Makatang Pilipina is also a Certified Nursing Aide.

Destined Flame

He came when sadness feels;
Hugged and wiped her tears;
Sorrows had been conquered;
For love he offered.

It was night when they first met;
On the boulevard of her dreams;
She was so excited back then;
Because the moment has came.

Uneasiness as he drew near;
Speechless when he talked to her;
Feelings rumbled in her heart;
She loved him from the start.

As he started to ask her name;
She stammered for the moment has came;
She knows it's now the beginning;
That friendship was on its way then.

Months had passed by so fast;
Love rapidly grows inside;
Until the day has arrived;
Love binds their happy hearts.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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