Beyond Desire

Updated on November 5, 2017
Desire Beyond
Desire Beyond

Desire Beyond

So beautiful is a woman's love, but Heaven breaks for the tears of a man.

Beyond life, life itself, does a man's heart ache, all for but a glance of a woman's eye, or a drink from her chalice.

Yes, beyond his soul itself, does a man die a death of a thousand swords! All this if he could still the Hand of God against her. To give back all graces, but to keep her by his side Forever.

Cherished, are the very syllables of her words.

Treasured, are the very kisses of her lips.

Longing, for the very tastes of her breasts.

And Yearning, for the very depths of her body.

No. A man's love for a woman cannot be measured in time, nor in gold, nor in service.

No. It is measured in the infinite and eternal moments of desires, the desires he has for her soul.

A Desire Beyond the Shadows of Time.

A Love kept Forever in the hearts and minds of a Union bonded together as One.

Yet, there are those who have chosen not to die, but weigh out their life chasing the wind and leaving themselves empty of wonders.

Instead, they have chosen to live without purpose, lives without the perfumed aroma of love, lives that dream away their purpose for the finite possessions of earth and the unattached pleasures of the flesh. Temporal and corrupt, here now, and gone tomorrow, these men die forever.

No, these men never yield their hearts to what haunts them in the corridors of their minds, nor do they harken to the desires of their souls, but chase the shadows of this world.

Empty, they return with their trinkets from life, only to lay them down as treasures corrupt, rotting, or rusting, and some with only the memory of what was lost, or stolen.

Yet to the blest of God comes both love's treasure and joy's ecstasy. An ecstasy beyond the stars and universe of this world.

Yeah, they may be poor in riches of gold and bounties of silver, but they are Kings and Queens of Avarice in Love and Peace.

For they live in a home of beauty and in a life of forever, bearing both witness of Royalty crowned by Joy and Scepter coronated by right of Love.

Beautiful is the love of a man for his wife.

© 2017 Silva


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    • JP Silva profile image

      Silva 6 months ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you so much. I think she is proud. She smiles that wife smile that every loved husband knows.

    • Casey White profile image

      Mike and Dorothy McKenney 6 months ago from United States

      Beautifully done, as always. Your wife must be very proud of your words of love.