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Designing the Ideal Type of Partner

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Stuck inside due to dubious acts of Mother Nature

Waging an uncomfortable war with the outside world

Of course, also inside based on worldwide concerns

That were still alarming and legitimate at the same time

Decided to clean house and focus imagination inward

Keeping an optimistic head above water in uncertain times

Not sure what the future holds for pretty much anyone

Let's be truthful; the world is in foreign territory

That only Hollywood and science can dish out in dual measure

Decided to dream of a future outside these walls again

Watched enough cinematic treats to know what I want

In a companion and what should be avoided at all costs

Been burned once and unwilling to fall into that trap again

Envisioned the type of fictional Romeo with dark hair

Just enough for a woman to run her fingers through

But not too long; don't need competition with the shampoo

And haircare products every single day

Pictured their penetrating blue, or brown, eyes

Making you confess your darkest secrets without hesitation

Fantasized about someone who exuded a level of unattainable cool

Strutted into the room like they owned it and everyone in sight

Was kind and gruff in equal measure to everyone they met

A Robert Mitchum type of subtle menace that made you wonder

If they were the good guy, or a psychopath waiting to bust out

That level of unpredictably made you both uncomfortable and intrigued

Someone with strength and substance to keep things interesting

A person who didn't need props to express themselves

Such as excessive tattoos and piercings made it a bad boy cliché

For example, his friend standing next to him stage left

Almost a poster child for everything to avoid in a partner

Practically screamed "run for your life!" when they entered the room

Your vision appeared to be the nearest thing to perfection

Realized that there is always a flaw in such a fantasy:

The Ne'er do well aspect of Mitchum's characters strongest point

Already dealt with one louse; that was good enough for a lifetime

Searching for an ideal partner seemed like a illusion

No one was perfect and was going to check every single box

Almost a fool's journey in dreaming up such lofty goals

Had to start somewhere to get beyond the past

Getting further and further away from it

Need the right opportunity and material for it to stick.

A fantasy or reality? Hard to say at this point.

A fantasy or reality? Hard to say at this point.