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Designed to be Together

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


A lover of pets is

He, he lost the only

Pet left for him few

Months back in road accident

The pet was killed by

A teen who took his

Parent’s car out, he’s

Got little knowledge about driving

When he discovered that he

Has ran over something instead

Of stopping her ran away

With the car but pursued

He was caught up with

And brought back to the

Scene of the incident but

Claimed ignorance of the development

Started pleading for he took

His parent’s car without their

Consent and would not want

The matter gets to them

After scolding words from nearby

People, he was let go

Since this incident has he

Felt a lacuna in him

A feeling of emptiness in

Him was overwhelming and opened

For he acts “shadowy” of

Himself in all he does

His job which he once

Said gives him pleasure seems

Not to give him pleasure

Again from his actions to it

His neighbor has a female

Dog and it was discovered

To be pregnant few days

After the death of his pet


On noticing the changes in

The physique of the animal

He went to his neighbor to

Tell him of his interest

If the dog delivers safely

I would need one male

Out of its puppies he

Told his neighbor his mind

His neighbor told him that

Those be his source of

Income and there be many

Who had booked ahead of him

Pleaded with him to get

Him one for he be

Ready to add to the

Money he would pay for it

I do not do that

Neighbor relied, first people are

Firstly attended to. That is

My motto in this life.

No cheating for I do not

Like being cheated too. It

Is fair play for all

First come first serve

Only thing I can say

Is sometimes people would book

Puppies but they won’t come

For what booked for again

You may pray such happens

On this, if it does happen

You would be considered for

One, he promised him


Dog gave birth and he

Started going there, hoping against

Hope but as far as

He could tell not promising

However, one of the puppies

Male likes him so much

Would be wagging its tail

Immediately it sees him expressing joy

He noticed this as well

As owner of the dog.

One day the person who

Want to buy it and he met

The person saw how the

Puppy reacted to the guy

Asked from him if related

To the seller, replied no

He wants one puppy but

All has been booked before

Him. He told him that he

Would release the puppy to him

I still have a pet

He said, apart from that,

Your interaction between it is

Fascinating. Would want you have it

He was elated to hear

This, and his dream eventually

Comes true. The exchange of

Buyer was completed that day.

Soon came for the dog

And started taking care of

It as his baby, resting

On his bosom everyday

The puppy eats from his

Plate, drink from his cup

And his lost joy, happiness

And radiance returned as before

His mind, heart, body was

In his work again. The

Pet too could not wish

For better owner than he.