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Designed to Do Good

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If I Was Part Human Part Machine

How can I be of great service ?

To do all the jobs no one else can do

It is my privilege

To work long and hard

I get a deep satisfaction and self reward

Being put to the test

I begin where other people fail

I work in the present

I think ahead

What can happen next ?

I don't let the possibilities scare me

I know what real dedication and persistence can accomplish

I look at each problem

As a gift

Then practice my wonderful skills and talents

Success must come

There is no way it can not

The unexplained is just that

A series of events that we haven't found the answers to yet

Time is on my side

I can work day and night

I don't need lunch breaks

No pay raises or personality conflicts

No days off

I have no problem working straight through the holidays

You do the math

I take what worked in the past

Add a little ingenuity and creativity

I can think outside the box

I try new ideas that may not make sense at this moment

From this I see a unique advantage

I can do anything If I put my mind to it

It's o.k. for you to give up

Quite normal and expected

Next time you are hot tempered and upset

About things not going your way

Problems that you won't take the time to fix

Step aside and let me do my thing

Yes you can be replaced

By a smarter and more intelligent

Human race