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Desert Ulysses

I can't seem to stop writing poetry or reading poetry. I think it is safe to say I love poetry and I love sharing great poetry with others.


Desert Ulysses

Small profit in lying here alone

by a car fan, parked in desert

once I was a married man,, the gave and the take

to create unequal laws and create a savage state

own home, eat well, sleep well, never smile.

Here I rest in my car from travels, take a drink

of water from canteen, these are the times I enjoy

we all suffer but today is not made for suffering

today just try to nap in car in the heat

with tepid air blowing on my face, made a name

for myself in the city by flaunting desert honesty

learned about people, all races and sizes, cultures

through my city learning I found a part of myself.

Maybe while drunk I joined the Army

a cog in machinery of "Desert Storm"

all this creates the whole person I am

in truth I am only a drop of dew

under the rainbow arch of heaven

what is found in desert is solitude

understanding the importance of being idle

realize my collection of influence lies outside now

when moments hold spectacular opportunities,

patiently wait, amazing opportunities, life.

Praise silence, dirt still underfoot,

glory of knowledge, joy in finding

become a star whose core reactor is lit.

I have a son who needs help figuring out

where he belongs, today he belongs at home

to help his siblings while I travel the desert.

A nap is not going to occur so sit up

turn the ignition feel the rumble of engine

old pistons turn as I pat dash with my wrinkled

fingers, "We are all old but not dead yet."

Dawn twinkles in the desert air as the sky

turns half light blue with moon, half

dark blue with fellow stars, there is no shame

in travelling to space to be with friends

I have met and sit with loved ones again.

© 2021 Jamie Lee Hamann

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