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Describing Myself

A language trainer & a passionate learner, eager to learn from everyone around. "Language is a form of river that doesn't have any boundary"

An Experienced professional trainer,

Who’s witnessed more than ten years

In dealing with various English learners;

A passionate learner of language,

Dedicated & devoted to the world of arts,

Creative, innovative, imaginative & sincere;

Stuffed with a lot of zeal and confidence,

Empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate,

I'm straightforward who can always be trusted;

Warmhearted, sentimental and understanding,

Spiritual and philosophic, a philanthropic individual,

Loyal and loving, I'm a benevolent intellectual.

An Angel of Dreams

When I was a child, I'd an unusual dream,

I used to see a fierce lion coming toward me,

Surprisingly, I was not scared but faced him

And with the full force, I used to lift him up

Gave it a spin and threw it away with a thrust.

I used to relish the dream even after I woke up

Filled with the same power and confidence,

I'd a feeling that I was a creature exceptional,

As I was named Anupam, that means incomparable,

Though I never felt the same with other individuals.

I used to be quiet and introvert with suppressed feelings

There wasn't anyone whom I would express my thinking,

So saw a kind of patient friend in books and poetry writing;

I felt myself as a worthless creature for the world around me,

For a long time, I didn't have any dreams or purpose of living.

When I crossed my thirties, I realised that I really was unique

And for that I don't need anyone else's compliment or certificate,

I recalled the dream of the lion and started to see the strength

That was hidden by many failed struggles and their stains,

I could see the angel within me, and realised I was pretty too.


The Clumsy Girl

So clumsy I had been in my early days,

I didn't know how to tie my curly hair,

Straighten my attire or get the plaits fair,

Even my face used to be dry in every weather,

I didn't know how to apply a cream or powder.

The other hostel girls were filled with flair,

They knew flattery to get the chosen chair,

While I was mused in my own world of despair,

I used to curse myself for my foolish behaviour,

As I couldn't lie a little to be someone popular.

I don't have a delightful memory of those days,

I could just see the mental tortures that I felt

From the ones who were not responsible adults,

They made me feel day in and out, I was an insult,

Though today friends recall me as someone special.


The Girl Got Famous

So shy girl was once asked to speak a few words,

She couldn't speak a single word on the stage

And became a common topic to be mocked;

She lost more of her morale and confidence,

And planned never to speak in any one's presence,

She confined herself to the words of innocence;

Once she was reciting a poem that was noticed,

And was asked to participate in the recitation,

By God's grace, she could win that competition,

And that incidence made her a new sensation,

She was coined as an 'Emerging Poet of the new generation'

But by then it was the end of the days of formal education.

A Very Interesting Story

My cousin had to get her photograph from a photo studio to send to the eligible bachelors for her with the marriage proposal. I was in my tenth grade at that time and was waiting for my results. By then I had composed about 60 poems, which was compiled by my father and was sent for publication.

My sister was not comfortable with the photographer and was not giving a natural smile but the shrewd one. I was asking her from the background to smile properly by showing it myself. The photographer asked me to come ahead and clicked a picture of mine. This photo in the red dress is clicked at the same time. The same photo was used in the back cover of my poetry book which was named after my mother, 'Mamata'.

After two years, I was there once again to get my photograph clicked as that was to be sent to my husband. In this picture, one can sense, how scared I was while getting my photograph clicked. The smile that I was showing to my sister two years ago was nowhere. It was by the grace of the almighty that my photograph was sent to only one family and that selected me to be the bride. Thus, I was married just after my senior secondary classes.

Also, if one is vigilant, it can be seen that I had plucked the hair off my forehead a few days ago. That's why the girl in the picture looks like an alien. Even my husband said the same. And when I asked why he selected me, jokingly he used to say, "My luck".


I've witnessed so many ups and downs in my life but always felt that whatever I am, is enough to have a comfortable life. When I look at the world around me, I feel far safe and better.

I thank god for this body and mind as I have seen many with physical or mental imbalances. I was not dropped in an orphan but had a loving and caring parents, I could get my basic education and further my higher education even after my marriage which is not possible for so many people all around.

I thank the people around me to sympathise or empathise with my feelings, even I am ignored, dejected and neglected, I learn that I am not perfect but still strive to do my best from my end.

I know I am not a beauty queen, but I have learnt to admire myself. I know the worth of self-love. And the moment I started loving myself, I had immense love and respect for everyone around me. There was a time, when I wished to have my picture but couldn't click it either myself or from anyone else. When I tried to find out my pictures from the past, I was disappointed to see, I didn't have any.

Since we got these selfies, I have started to take selfies and find myself in that, improvising in all the ways.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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