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Delivered From Dark Descent


Brenda Artledge inspired me to try Tautogram poetry which is using the same letter for each word.

Delightful dazzling dancing diamond descending.

Dainty delicate dreaming daffodil disappears.

Discouraged disappointed damaged dejected dame depreciating.

Disgruntled despairing devoid delusional disgusted dormant.

Dismissed dismantled dejected devastated depressed.

Diabolical demanding deprived depraved deranged dudes did dastardly deeds.

Distant dissenting dissolved dazed doe.

Daunted drained dissociative discontented.

Desperate destitute despised dangerous doomed.

Dread denial dropping down deep.

Darkness damp dripping drowning dying damned done dead.

Dawn daylight Divine deliverance dauntless darling daughter dancing dreaming.


© 2020 Cheryl E Preston

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