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Depth Has Peace

Being alone is a strength, not needing anyone's approval. You could make your own kind of courage, and find peace amidst defeaning solitude.


Behold the deepest trench of the ocean
Due to the changes out of control
Was a crevice but now as wide as a field
Surface has been hard, still broken into two.

Behold the deepest part of the trench.
Where light are scant and eyes hopelessly outmoded
Noxious yet the paradise of the few.
Unperceived yet the beauty are true.

Behold the creatures living in the trench.
Inauspicious yet breathing, hidden yet ravishing
Courage are over-powering the shadows
Were born to bare the loneliest and knotty ocean's surface.

Behold the gallantry of these creatures.
The night may always up, so much more are their souls
Dwindled with appreciation but were in safest,
Cursed of darkness and isolation, but earmarked with peace.

© 2021 Kathrine S

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