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Depression Sucks

Sheila is a recovering addict who comes from a family full of addicts. She also suffers from mental illness & she has endured a lot.

No Happiness in Sight....

It makes everything black in a world full of color

It pushes me down when I'm already drowning

It puts salt in my wounds, causing pain unimaginable

It fogs up my brain making thinking so difficult

Life seems so pointless, no happiness in sight

Ambition vanishes overnight

Hopes and dreams disappear like dust in the wind

Feels like I'll never see happiness again

How can I smile when no joy can I feel?

How do I keep going when I feel so damn hopeless?

Exhausted and broken, this pain is unreal

Please someone help me, can't take it much longer.....



Lorna Lamon on September 08, 2019:

Your poem outlines the stark reality of living with depression Sheila. There is a feeling of hopelessness attached to depression, however, there is help which cannot take depression away but can manage it so people can live their lives. Thank you for sharing.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 07, 2019:

My good new friend for me it went like this. I started positive self talk and then I got to have a good time being depressed. Now that is nutty talk. But when I said "hey Eric you are depressed- let's not get over it. Let us live with it" My wife said wow! Forget the shower and brushing teeth and eating normal. Get that old robe out and get all comfy and just curl up without even a book. Get way into it. Look at depression as a place that is not bad at all, just a space. Get all the way way out there. Embrace.

There is no choice but to love and loving your depression is valuable. Now call me crazy but that is some real truth. Ask me to name all the depressives who mastered the world from Churchill to Lincoln how about Buddha and Genghis Khan?

You are made better by this seeming stumbling block. Take the block and build a palace.

Check out my palace, you are welcome anytime and maybe we will be "blue" together. I kind of need a blue streak.

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