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Depression; A Call For Attention

Depression is the problem facing most youths and teens today. Depression is a big cause for alarm. It calls for attention


When there is a loss of interest in everything,
Increased fears and aggression,
Always fatigued and finds nothing interesting;
It calls for attention.

When there is a withdrawal from friends and activities,
Reduced rate of interaction and socialization,
Consistently failing to meet up required responsibilities;
It calls for attention.

When there is a feeling of hopelessness,
Troubled thinking and confusion,
Increased restlessness and nervousness;
It calls for attention.

When there is a change in appetite,
Strong feelings of guilt and rejection,
Loss of interest in life and thoughts of suicide;
It calls for attention.

When these signs are discovered,
There is a need for immediate intervention,
Depression is a silent killer;
Which calls for attention.

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