Denzel Rhymes (2010-2015)

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WILL COLSON is a young father.
Also a young train conductor.
Looking for FRANK BARNES.
Who will be training him on?
On a separate train.
While two men find ways.
To get a train to West Virginia.
They let it go under its power.
CONNIE HOOPER knows of the incident.
Ordering the men to go get it.
They go in a truck.
Feeling they will have luck.
As they attempt it.
They find that they cant stop it.
Barnes and Colson learn about it.
Barnes reluctantly doubts it.
The media takes hold of it.
The nation knows about it.
The train's running on full power.
Anything in its path is Danger.
Hooper's called by OSCAR GALVIN.
She informs him of the incident.
She tells him what's on the train.
Telling him that it can bring the pain.
She later insists.
On derailing the train on purpose.
Galvin says no and pretends.
That the conversation never happened.
Meanwhile, the media's at the next site.
While the train comes with much might.
Barnes and Colson find that the train.
Isn't powerless so they change.
They change tracks.
While Galvin attempts to get it back.
His attempt fails.
He still tries to not derail.
Barnes takes control.
Seeing that nothing will hold.
Nothing will hold that train.
He and Colson head that way.
Hooper finds that they are derailing.
Barnes says it's worthless derailing.
Barnes makes a bold decision.
They catch the train and stop it.

Denzel Washington
Frank Barnes
Chris Pine
Will Colson
Rosarie Dawson
Connie Hooper


In South Africa.
TOBIN FROST acquires.
The M16 Device.
He's that his life.
He is being watched.
A look-alike has been shot.
Shot by mercenaries.
They corner frost to get him talking.
Instead, Frost surrenders.
He later meets a housekeeper.
A team is on its way.
To interrogate Frost.
To obtain what once was lost.
They find Weston watching.
Everything that they are doing.
The power then goes out.
The team then thinks about.
How dangerous things can get.
Despite them attacking.
Weston ends up escaping.
Taking frost as he's running.
Weston contacts his superiors.
Back at the headquarters.
Orders Matt to stay undercover.
Telling him to await instructions.
Frost then sees that something.
Something just isn't adding up.
Someone had to give up.
Give up their location.
If they didn't, the men weren't coming.
They both head to hide.
Frost reveals the truth behind.
Behind the CIA.
Weston finds another house to stay.
By finding a GPS device.
Frost warns him of the sacrifice.
Frost later makes a scene.
He and Matt are detained by the police.
They both escape.
But meet up face to face.
Matt finds out who he really is.
An ex-CIA operative.
Meanwhile, at the headquarters.
They advise that Matt stay undercover.
Matt informs them that he lost.
Telling them that Tobin Frost.
Frost is on the loose.
They tell they'd send someone to do.
Telling Matt to just back off
Matt seems to agree but goes to find Frost.
Frost changes his image.
Matt stays focused on his mission.
Frost meets with an old friend.
Intending to obtained information.
He shows the M16.
After he gets what he needs.
He's tracked by a team.
The team looks for Cross.
Hoping to detain frost.
Weston is also chased.
But like frost, he escapes.
He saves Weston.
Cat believes that Weston.
Has teamed up with Frost.
In desperate need of the lost.
The lost device.
They find that Cat ordered them to fight.
Matt is devastated.
Telling frost he was right about it.
Frost tells him a story.
Matt just sits there absorbing.
He later meets the real Weston.
He kills the real Weston.
Frost reveals his purpose.
He finds that Cat is behind it.
Cat is later killed.
Matt's injured but frost is still.
Still on the run.
Frost helps him finish the mission.

Denzel Washington
Tobin Frost
Ryan Reynolds
Matt Weston
Vera Farmiga
Cat Linklater


Airline Captain WHIP WHITAKER.
Is an addict and alcoholic.
He pilots SouthJet Flight.
He experiences turbulence.
KEN EVANS takes his missions.
Feeling he can't make decisions.
He blends vodka with juice.
Evans does what he needs to.
Taking over when needed.
But the planes in a steep dive.
Whip awakes and tries.
Tries his best to survive.
Doing what he can to stay alive.
Things turn really bad.
The plane gets into a crash.
But he survives it.
But he does lose consciousness.
Heroin addict NICOLE MAGGEN.
Is on the verge of eviction.
She overdoses on heroin.
She's taken by a paramedic.
South Jet 227.
Flies over the emergency landing.
Whip regains consciousness.
He's greeted by CHARLIE ANDERSON.
He informs Whip of the casualties.
He also informed of the tragedies.
Whip sneaks away for a cigarette.
Meeting Nicole during the Process.
Nicole is also recovering.
They talk casually.
The next day he leaves.
He later meets an attorney.
Then finds that he's been tested.
While he laid unconscious.
Results show he was intoxicated.
Intoxicated while operating.
Operating the flight.
Whip meets Nicole the same night.
The two get intimate.
But Whip's drinking habit.
Clashes with Nicole's intentions.
To stay alert and focused.
She wants to be free.
Whip looks for ways of hiding.
Hiding that he was drunk.
Hoping to get out of this funk.
Attempting to keep his job.
He learns that Evans can't walk.
He sees Evan try.
He learns that he may not fly.
Evans gets upset.
But fulfills Whip's wish.
He doesn't tell he was drinking.
But his habit is pushing.
Pushing the away Nicole.
With his habit, she cannot control.
Cannot control her life.
He gets drunk day and night.
He's found drunk by the media.
Friends help him keep sober.
But he doesn't want to be sober.
He's drunk by the next day.
The friends just don't know what to say.
He enters the hearing.
Listening to a woman praising.
Praising his ability.
No pilot was capable of landing.
Whip admits it.
Then spends months in prison.
He informs a support group.
That he's glad that he owned up to the truth.

Denzel Washington
Whip Whitaker
Brian Geraghty
Ken Evans
Kelly Really
Nicole Maggen

2 Guns

ROBERT TRENCH is a criminal.
MICHEAL STIGMAN is a criminal.
They're questioned after a meeting.
With a drug lord named PAPI.
Stigman doesn't know that Bobby.
Is an undercover employee.
He's a DEA agent.
Posing as a criminal on purpose.
Failing to obtain cocaine.
They could use it as evidence.
Bobby stays undercover to get it.
Meanwhile, a female agent.
Who Mike was once in love with.
She's an undercover specialist.
Who is also dating?
DEB REES is dating Robert.
While staying undercover.
He first helps him steal $3 million.
Stashed in a bank called Tres Cruces.
That money is Papi's.
They want to get him for laundering.
Stig is told to kill Bobby.
Hoping to get that stolen money.
The mission's not accomplished.
Mike finds who Roberts really with.
Before escaping with the money.
Stig was to kill Robert.
Since he didn't, his commanders.
Grew angry.
While a man is interrogating.
Interrogating the bank manager.
Stig escapes moments later.
Roberts escapes as well.
Despite his wounds, he prevails.
He and Deb agree to find Stigman.
Intending on recovering.
Recovering the stolen money.
Robert finds Mikey.
Mikey warns Robert.
Those men are coming to capture.
Capture him. Mike says where to hide.
While he takes the men by surprise.
Killing them all.
Robert escapes before it all.
But meets up with EARL.
Earl is looking to change his world.
Because he has his money.
Either he gives it or Earl is framing.
Framing him for murder.
Robert makes a decision later.
He goes to the house of Papi.
He also meets Mikey.
They kidnap him.
Then team up and head to Deb's.
Where men come and free Papi.
Papi captures them both.
Hoping they know.
Where the money that they stole is.
He and Earl look for it.
Robert and Mikey go fetch it.
They get it and lose it.
Killing who wanted it.

Denzel Washington
Robert Trench
Mark Whalberg
Mikey Stigman
Paula Patton
Deb Rees

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