Denzel RHYMES (2004-2010)

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The Manchurian Candidate

BEN MARCO is a war veteran.
Who's responsible for commanding.
Commanding the U.S Army.
To raid a facility.
During the gulf war.
Shaw is noticed.
He's honored for his role in.
Role in the mission.
He's honored for rescuing.
Rescuing all but two men.
Shaw becomes a congressman.
Thanking his mother.
Who happens to be a Senator.
One of Marco' s friends.
Informs him about their unit.
He's clearly deranged.
But he backs up his claim.
With a few images.
Showing what he's envisioned.
Marco starts dreaming too.
About what he been through.
About how he was brainwashed.
To kill his men with Shaw.
He remembers a mysterious man.
A tall, unique British man.
He begins investigating.
What's really been happening.
He travels to New York.
He's offered to stay in New York.
He discovers an implant.
That was placed inside of his back.
One inside of Shaw's too.
He later sees the truth.
That Manchurian Globals behind it.
Marco recognizes.
That the mysterious man.
Is named DR. ATTICUS.
He's a former geneticist.
A former Manchurian.
Marco informs a friend.
Who suggests that Shaw ends.
Ends his campaign.
Hoping that Shaw makes a change.
But Shaw doesn't do it.
He doesn't know the FBI's monitoring.
They find an implant.
They later question.
Question Marco and Shaw.
Attempting to convince Shaw.
Convincing him of his condition.
They end up failing.
Marco commits Shaw.
Because of what he saw.
He prepares for suicide.
But a good friend arrives.
Stopping him from doing it.
Meanwhile, his innocence.
Is safe with the FBI.
They frame a deceased guy.

Denzel Washington
Bennet Marco
Meryl Streep
Prentis Shaw
Liev Schreiber
Raymond Shaw

Inside man

A man in a jail cell.
Has a story to tell.
About how he committed robbery.
In beautiful New York City.
He and two other men.
Were masked and dressed in.
Dressed in painters clothes.
Using aliases to seize control.
Seizing control of a bank.
On one accord to take.
Take all of it hostage.
They later have them divided.
Putting them in different rooms.
Forcing them to look like they do.
They rotate the hostages.
Doing things to keep the cops blinded.
Cops have the bank surrounded.
KEITH takes over negotiations.
Keith comes with his friend BILL.
RUSSEL demands the cops still.
Still holds off.
But deliver supplies
Demanding things that cost.
They get listening devices.
The cops hear language.
They assume its Albanian.
They find they are right.
Then the truth comes to the light.
That recording was pre-made.
They find they are being played.
Each move, the robbers anticipate.
They contact ARTHUR CASE.
Case found the bank.
He hires fixer to protect.
The contents of his deposit.
She goes in the bank.
She makes sure that it's safe.
The deposit holds documents.
That is to be secret.
Russel implies that he's not surprised.
Case started a bank with unspecified.
Unspecified services.
He was compensated because of it.
Many Jewish people died.
With it destroyed many will survive.
Russel will also get paid.
Frazier wants the robbers to stay.
He attacks Russel.
The hostages are in trouble.
One of them is killed.
The ESU acts but doesn't kill.
They plan to storm the bank.
The robbers detonate.
Smoke grenades. They loose hostages.
Police feel that some of the hostages.
Are robbers in disguise.
The police also find.
That the faked the execution.
Nothing seems to be stolen.
Frazier orders to drop the case.
Frazier also finds in the bank.
That the safe deposit box.
Hasn't appeared since the banks start.
He obtains a search warrant.
Just so he can open it.
He's later confronted.
He's informed of Nazi dealings.
He's told to drop it.
But he refuses to do it.
Case admits the box contains.
Diamonds and a ring.
That was taken from a friend.
Russel continues hiding.
But after a week, he emerges.
With the contents of the deposit.
Including incriminating documents.
With a few bags of diamonds.
He bumps into Frazier.
Showing what's in there.
Frazier confronts case.
Then reports his crimes to the state.

Deja Vu

It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Sailors on a ferry going.
To their base in Mississippi.
But their ferry ends up exploding.
Kill most on the ship.
DOUG CARLIN is the man sent.
Sent to investigate it.
He finds that a bomb was planted.
By domestic terrorists.
He needs FBI agent.
Revealing what he discovered.
He's invited to see.
A body of a lady.
It was reported to authorities.
Paul is impressed with Doug's expertise.
He asks if he'd like joining.
Like joining a government unit.
Investigating the bombing.
They investigate the events.
Before the explosion happened.
They first looked in the past.
Seeing images of the past.
They can see events once.
No fast forwarding.
No rewinding.
They find out that CLAIR.
Is contacted by the bomber.
They know where he is.
Denny protests against tampering.
Tampering with the past.
The team sends back.
A note to Doug's past.
Making sure that the bad.
The bad is stopped.
The ferry doesn't blow up.
The bomber is in custody.
Claire's suffers a tragedy.
He takes her and she dies.
Doug goes back in time.
He keeps her alive.
He then goes to try.
He goes to the ferry.
Intending on disarming.
Disarming the bomb.
Doug goes back and completes the job.

Denzel Washington
Keith Frazier
Clive Owen
Dalton Russel
Jodie Foster
Madeline White

American Gangster

FRANK LUCAS wanted a gangster life.
He grew up in a gangster light.
When his mentor died he was the light.
He Intended to keep it shining bright.
He first found a large amount of cash.
In a mobsters car, in a bag.
An officer overdoses.
On Blue Magic. That is heroin.
To find the person supplying it.
He first buys it from Thailand.
Then smuggles it through servicemen.
They get it in the U.S.
He gets it and sales it.
To the dealers in the area.
He gets better and better.
He buys a house for his mother.
He recruits more to be stronger.
Spreading his empire.
EVA just makes it better.
He falls in love with Eva.
But Lucas is with Eva.
He sees him fight.
He investigates him the same night.
Meanwhile, Lucas.
Needs to deal with DOMINIC.
Dominic Cattano. A mafia boss.
Who wants in or Lucas family's lost.
Lucas must also compete.
With dealers that are trying.
Trying to take the crime rings.
Lucas just keeps rising.
But Roberts is watching.
He discovers that he's using.
Using dead bodies and caskets.
To bring in blue magic.
They obtain a warrant.
To follow the caskets.
Resulting in a shootout.
Men later break in Lucas house.
Stealing all his cash.
That he had stashed.
Lucas goes to kill a cop.
But his mother makes him stop.
He's later arrested.
Roberts raids his establishments.
Lucas tries to bribe Roberts.
Instead, Roberts offers.
A shorter jail sentence.
If he Lucas aids the investigation.
If Lucas helps them find.
The dirty men on their side.
Lucas gives him names.
Arresting three-quarters of the DEA.

Denzel Washington
Frank Lucas
Russel Crow
Richie Roberts
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Huey Lucas
The Great Debaters
Melvin Tolson
The Taking of Pelham 123
Walter Garber

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