Denzel RHYMES (2000-2005)

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Denzel Washington is definitely one of the most successful African American actors of all time. He started his movie career in 1980.

Carbon Copy
Mississippi Masala
Devil In a Blue Dress
A Soldiers Story
Courage Under Fire
Malcolm X
The Preachers
WifeCry Freedom
For Queen and County
Much Ado about Nothing
He Got Game
The Mighty Quinn
The Pelican Brief
The Siege
The Bone Collector
Heart Condition
Crimson Tide
The Hurricane
Mo Better Blues

Remember the Titans

T.C Williams High School.
Is interested in HERMAN BOONE.
To lead their football team.
While BILL YOAST leaves.
Boone deals with racial tensions.
He strives to rise above it.
He relents seeing the blacks.
Yoast is offered to be assistant.
But Yoast rejects it.
But players convince.
They convince him to stay.
Yoast coaches defense his way.
Meanwhile, the blacks meet.
Many auditions to be.
Audition to be on the team.
But the whites intervene.
It's 1971.
The team learns that they are one.
GERRY BERTIER struggles.
But the two become friends.
Putting division to an end.
Gerry' s more aggressive.
He enforces No division.
He has a racist player removed.
A happy man is coach Boone.
But Yoast has instructions.
To lose the game on purpose.
Boone notices it.
Yoast makes his guys win it.
Tragedy strikes the same night.
While Gerry celebrates that night.
He gets in an accident.
That results in paralysis.
Julius is devastated.
For Bertier they win it.
They are state champions.
Bertier has another accident.
He passes away.
They come together to say.
Goodbye. He was a good friend.
But he guaranteed that EQUALITY WINS.

Denzel Washington
Herman Boone
Will Patton
Bill Yoast
Wood Harris
Julius Campbell
Ryan Hurst
Gerry Bertier

Training Day

Is heading to see.
Who's a detective in narcotics?
He also has a reputation.
As the most corrupt in the department.
Officers know him well.
Jake's day with him will swell.
They start off by catching college kids.
Seeing the buying cannabis.
Harris goes to them and gets it.
Then tells JAKE to smoke it.
Jake at first refuses.
But complies when he's threatened.
Harris later tells Jack.
That it was PCP he smoked.
Jake meets Harris friends.
He saw him selling drugs to kids.
He grows skeptical of Harris.
He begins asking questions.
Harris gets frustrated.
Jake then notices.
Two guys in the alley.
Intending on raping.
A teenaged girl walking home.
Home from school all alone.
Jake comes to the rescue.
Harris sits back and watches him do.
Watches him scare them off.
While taking the wallet the girl lost.
Later, they apprehend.
A drug dealer that's a friend.
A friend of Harris.
Harris gets some information.
About a dealer named SANDMAN.
He finds he's in jail and plans.
Harris plans on going.
To his home to steal money.
But his wife knows he's coming.
So she calls a gang.
To keep them away.
They get them to flee.
But Harris gets the money.
He exchanges it for a warrant.
He uses it to commit.
A robbery from his friend.
Seizing big cash from his premises.
Jake refuses to be apart of it.
He sees Harris corruption.
Harris promises to clear him.
If Jake plays along with him.
Jake reluctantly agrees.
He later finds that Harris needs.
$1 million dollars.
To pay to the Russian mafia.
He tries having Jake killed.
But he is the one that's killed.

Denzel Washington
Alonzo Harris
Ethan Hawk
Jake Hoyt

John Q

A motorist drives dangerously.
Whoever's in its path see it passing.
Passing them. Moving recklessly.
But it slows down while approaching.
Approaching a big Mack truck.
She's later killed by the same truck.
Her heart is saved.
Set aside for a special day.
That day came along.
When Mike Archibald.
Collapsed while playing baseball.
His parents witnessed it all.
He goes to the hospital.
JOHN carries him.
They run some tests.
They get results from the tests.
They find that michael's heart.
Is enlarged and needs to depart.
He needs a transplant.
But John can't pay for it.
His son can't even get.
On the recipients transplant list.
John has insurance.
But it's not full coverage.
The surgery's not in his policy.
John is pressured into raising.
Raising the money that's needed.
John holds the hospital hostage.
After failing to make the payment.
After tiring the hospital.
They had plans to release Micheal.
DENISE encouraged it.
Didn't want her son dying.
John demands that his sons listed.
Or he'd kill one of the hostages.
FRANK GRIMES advises he ends it.
But John is focused on his mission.
He learns about his hostages.
They understand the situation.
They grow to support him.
He ensures that all of them.
Will receive the treatment needed.
John makes an agreement.
He releases some hostages.
His sons listed as recipient.
Meanwhile, Chicago PD.
Gets a sniper in the building.
John does get shot.
But nothing is lost.
John gets the sniper.
He shows Frank the sniper.
Demanding his son be transported.
To E.R for the operation.
His son maybe on the list.
But Mikes not the first recipient.
So John offers to commit.
Suicide so his heart can do it.
They learn of the organ donor.
That was killed in an accident earlier.
She is a match.
John is saved and his son is back.

Same Year: Antwon Fisher

Denzel Washington
John Q
Elise Neal
Denise Archibald
Eddie Griffin
Lester Matthews

Out Of Time

MATTHIAS WHITLOCK is well respected.
Respected as chief in a town of fiction.
A small town in Banyan Key, Florida.
He is known for busting drug dealers.
He loves his job dearly.
But he often drinks on duty.
It's an obvious character flaw.
He's stressed thinking of his divorce.
From his beautiful wife ALEX.
Matt has an affair with a resident.
ANNE HARRISON is being abused.
By her husband who finds news.
News that she has cancer.
Anne wants to reward Matt later.
Reward him for being there.
Always showing that he cares.
She makes him the sole beneficiary.
Of her $1 million insurance policy.
Matt advises a way.
To give Ann hope to stay.
To stay alive. To beat cancer.
Advising her to travel.
To travel to Switzerland.
To undergo a treatment.
A new medical treatment.
Anne can't get to Switzerland.
She gets desperate for help.
Matt gives her help.
So she makes the trip.
He gives a monetary gift.
But a fire increases the struggle.
Matt then gets in trouble.
The money is burned.
But Matt is concerned.
Because of the relationship.
He may be a suspect.
The DEA calls the next day.
Asking that he'd pay.
Pay in order to bust a drug lord.
Matt finds its another on board.
Alex intends to bust him.
Matt goes and kills him.
He takes the money and flees.
He escapes but is seen.
Seen by the police.
But they feel he's protecting.
Protecting his wife.
But stealing to save Anne's life.
Alex finds that they're involved.
Matt receives a distress call.
From Anne, whom he thought was dead.
She shoots Matt in the leg.
After revealing that she planned.
She attempts to kill Matt dead.
Alex kills her instead.
Matt is free of all charges.

Denzel Washington
Matt Whitlock
Eva Mendes
Alex Whitlock
Sanaa Lathan
Anne Harrison

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