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Denim and Camouflage: A Cynically Comedic Love Story

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A tale as old as time itself and still interesting nonetheless

A pair that could be considered mismatched to naked eye

Still found a way to make things work against the cynics

Of course, had lots of fun proving them wrong in the process

A duet worth writing about and performing it onstage obviously

Forget about Stevie Nick and Don Henley's "Leather and Lace"

About a romance of differing and complex personalities

Built as a song about coming together no matter what

This story was somewhat similar, but a lot more entertaining

Our heroine preferred the look and feel of denim

Over wearing silk dresses and pleated skirts of any kind

Loved the material, but lacked the confidence to pull it off

Casual comfort with just a hint of mystery was look she liked

Some critics called it based on sheer laziness on her part

Not that she ever cared what was fashionable; or the critics

Didn't matter to her one bit when it came to be true to herself

Focused on getting through the day with a smile on her face

And well worn pair of Reeboks on her feet when it was time to go

Met the other half of this story with a smile and a joke on her lips

Made Mr. Swagger comfortable to let his guard dog take a hike

Wore his favorite pair of dark green camouflage shorts regularly

At least twice a week to the amusement of Ms. Casual's father

To the point where he wanted to see those shorts more than him!

Such as life with a parent who pretended to be the Fashion police

When he has made a faux pas himself a time or two

Not that he would ever admit it to anyone publicly, or privately

Back to the story of this relaxed fit pair who decided to be themselves

Above all else in their burgeoning pairing

Neither side of this two headed coin was the grand ball type

Enjoyed snuggling on a green memory foam couch

To cutting a rug or two at a black tie affair

Not to overrule the idea; just not keen on it until right opportunity

Two unique minds and personalities that loved to create

Allowed them to earn for better possibilities and to cope

With the stress of the mundane around them

Always made each other smile when they got together

Ready to embrace the adventure of this amusing tale

Even if it goes just to the bowling alley

And the adjacent parking lot

It'll still be an adventure with the man in the camouflage shorts.

Shorts to remember him by.

Shorts to remember him by.

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