Demons And Angels

Updated on March 27, 2019
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Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.

Universal Justice

Ride The Wave Out Of Negative Times

There Are Angels And There Are Demons

The Activation Of Both Is Dependent On Your

Own Cooperation.

I Will Explain More In Depth When I Say

Depending On Our Own Cooperation.

Because It Covers Many Aspects.

If Someone Places A Black Magic Spell On You,

They Have Summoned Demons To Attack You.

Which Is The Occult, Satan Worshipers, And Witchcraft.

The Person Whom Placed The Black Magic Spell

And Summoned Demons Is Cooperating With

Satan, Evil And Demons.

They Have Actually Invited The Mark Of The Beast

And More Less Have Invited Demons To Their Dinner Table.

They Will Have A Harder Time Getting Rid Of Them,

And Eventually The Demons Will Turn On Them.

It Will Be A Tremendous Impact Of Negative Energy

On Their Lives.

I Know Many Young People, College Student Ages

That Become Curious And Intrigued In The Occult.

Because At This Age They Have Not Fully Discovered

Themselves Fully.

And Their EGOS Are Like Raging Harmones

In Which They Become Infatuated And Fascinated

From and By Having Power And Control.

The Facts Are Ego Management Comes With Maturity.

If You Need To Summon Demons To Have Power

And Control, It Is Actual Signs Of Weakness, Insecurities,

And Being More Less A Coward.

It Is Not A Fair Battle. If You Don't Like Someone Learn

To Communicate And Tell Them Why You Are Upset With Them.

It Will Be A Safer Actions Than Tango Dancing With Demons.

Demons Don't Like Themselves, So They Surely Aren't Going

To Become Your Best Friend.

Getting Into The Occult Has Three Immediate Negative Out Come

Which Is: The Dark And Negative Energy You've Invited Into Your

Life The Rest Of Your Life.

Your Negative Actions Are Hurting Others.

And Their Is Karma. How Are You Going To Explain

This Negative Action Of Summoning Demons To Christ?

And Also How Are You Going To Go To God In Prayer

Asking For Help When The Demons Turn On You?

They Will Turn On You. Your Guilt And Remorse Will

Be Tremendous.

If You Are A Good Person And Innocent And Have

Had Black Magic Put On You.

You Must Ride The Wave Out Of It With

Extreme Patience, Not Fearing Demons.

Holding Tight To God, Christ, And The Holy Angels

Keeps The Holy Positive Energy Flowing In.

There Will Be Immense Tough Times Everything

Around You Will Crumble. Home, Job, Car, Family And Friends

You Will Enter A Intense Time Of Chaos.

But By Fearing Demons And Their Nasty Little Attacks

You Are Cooperating With Evil Treating Demons Like They

Have More Power Than God.

Do Not Throw Them That Bread Crumb It

Only Increases Their Appetite.

Keep In Mind All Things Are Under The

Providence Of God.

Sometimes An Attack Will Come From God

To Test You, A Trail And To Expand Your Spiritual Growth.

Not Cooperating With Evil Is Also Done By Positive Actions.

Which Is Loving And Helping Others And Having High

Honors For God And All His Creation.

Cooperating With Evil Is Also Done By Negative Actions

Which Are Not Honoring God, Hurting And Dishonoring Others.

The Activation Of Both Are Dependent On Our Own Cooperation.

The Rise of Occultism

I Explained Negative Energy Which Can Be Defined As Unholy. And I explained Positive Energy Which Is Holy. Furthermore I Explained The Out Come Of Both, Which Is You Either Make Choices To Invite Demons To Your Dinner Table With Satan At The Head Of Your Dinner Table

Or You Invite Holy Angels To Your Dinner Table With Christ At The Head Of Your Dinner Table.


Unfortunately The Latest Statistics For 2017 Shows Occult's Are On The Rise. Giggles Life Did An Article Of Women Joining Occult's Is On The Rise. The Catholic Church Press Wrote An Article On The Occult Is On The Rise. New York Times Wrote An Article On The Occult's Are On The Rise.

I Am Not Going To Go Into Details But I Will Give You Articles To Read If You Want To Investigate Religious Opinions And Articles On The Rise Of Occult's. That Will Help You To See Any Signs Of This Activity With Your Teenagers Or Young Adults.

Separation And Division

As It Is With People

It Also Is In The

Spiritual Plane

As A Person That Has Always

Loved And Honor The Holy Plane

God Our Creator , Christ, Angels And Holy

Men Such As Saints. In Which Many Of

Your Priest, Pastors And Preachers Have

Communion And Have Union-ed With God.

I Have Experienced Black Magic Being

Placed On Me.

So It Is Very Real !

At First I Went And Tried

To Seek Help Removing This.

I Must Be Truthful Somewhere

Along The Years The Special Prayer

Christ Gave Men To Remove Black Magic,

Evil Eyes Curses, And Hex's Have Disappeared.

I Became Very Frustrated Going To Churches

To Find Someone To Remove It.

Basically It Is The Roman Catholic And

Eastern Orthodox Christians That Know The Special Prayer

And Specialize In Exorcisms.

I became Angry Mad At The People Who Placed It On Me.

I Became Also Angry With Christ That So Many Of His

American Churches Had No Knowledge Of Breaking

These Spells.

Black Magic Can Destroy Your Life.

My 3 Level Condo On The Golf Course

The Plumbing Went In All 3 1/2 Bathrooms.

Window Frames Were Splitting Away From The Walls.

My Car The Frame Rusted Out Underneath The Car.

And Furthermore 2 Months Prior I Put 2 New Tires On It And The Frame Was Fine.

I Lost My Car Could Not Drive It. All Communication Was Cut Off.

My Phones would work and not work, My Internet Was Being Compromised.

Computers Would Break. My Business Closed Because All My Emails, Web Sites

Phones Were Compromised And Hijacked.

My Cable Stopped Working. The Heater Would Go Off

In Which The Fuse Box Was Acting Up.

My Teeth Started Falling Out One Tooth At A Time.

So So Many Strange Occurrences Happened.

The House Went Into The Process Of Foreclosure

Yes, I Saw Demons And I Was Trapped In A House

With No Communication And The Nearest Grocery Store

Was 3 Miles Away.

I Was Frantic And Frustrated And My Main Question

Was,,"How Come There Are Certain Rituals Done To Place Black

Magic On You. And Our Dang Churches In America Can't Break Them?".

I Was Up Against The Wall. And This Could Have A Drastic Out Come

To My Spirit.; My Soul And Entire Essence Was Being Assaulted

And I Felt Helpless.

I Made The Decision That I Would


The Attacks Went On But I Became

Testy With Satan And The Demons, Laughing

In Their Faces. Telling Them," Kill Me Take All Away From Me.

I Have Power In Christ, God And Angels.. That Stance And Commitment

I Made To God, Christ And The Holy Angels Helped Enormously

Strengthen Me. I Felt So Much Hurt For People I Begged God ,

"Please Do Not Let Anyone Else Endure This Evil At There Door Step".

This Attacked Started In 2013 The Fall And I Do Not Know If It Has Ended.

I Moved Out Of The Condo In 2017 But I Also Had Christ Beside Me This Entire

Time. Yes I Saw The Nasty Little Demons That Are Alike Fleas But

I Also Saw Every Night From Dusk To Dawn Faithfully A Tall Angel Image

Facing My Home Protecting Me. As Soon As The Sun Came Out It

Disappeared. I Also Saw Many Holy Beings. Some In Physical Body

Some Illuminating Were You Could Walk Through Them.

A Book Fell In My Lap Called ,"The Mountain Of Silence" Written By `.

Kyriacos C. Markides.

These Are Monks That Live On Mount Athos The Holy Mountain In Greece.

2,000 Eastern Orthodox Christian Monks In Continual Prayer. That Is All

That Reside On This Peninsula. They Practice Christ Ancient Teachings.

Reading This Book Helped Me Immensely. .Because Sometimes I Doubted

Myself Telling Myself, I Am Crazy. Black Magic Wasn't Put On Me.

Father Maximos The Priest That Helped The Writer With Information. Discusses

In It Sorcerer Black Magic In Which Father Maximos Calls Them Magician. The People Whom Cast Spells.

I Started To Protect Myself Which Father Maximos Recommended Using

Crosses Putting Them In Your Home. Holy Water And Using Holy Chant Music.

Before I tried This Method I Had 2 Crosses In Which One Was Metal And One Was Thick Glass. The Metal Bent And The Thick Glass Cross Broke In Half, In

Which I Super Glued And It Broke In Fourth. Both Occurrences In Front Of Me.

So I Had No Doubt I Was Dealing With Evil.

The Reason Why I Decided To Share This With You Is Because Without A Doubt More People Will Have Black Magic, Hex's And Evil Eye Curses Put On Them. I Want To Help Keep You Strong And Help You Fight It. So Yes You Can Write Me And I Will Talk To You On The Phone. My Email Address Is

I Would Also Like To Share With You That Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel And Arch Angel Raphael Will Be Beside You In This Warfare. The Video At The Bottom Is Holy Chants To These Archangels For Protection.

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      • Diane Denison profile imageAUTHOR

        Diane Denison 

        16 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

        How Can We Continually Abuse Our Selves With Continual Negative Energy And Actions. Try Entry Into Positive Energy And Actions Of Love. That Is The Door Into Joy And Peace And The Communion Cup Of Union With Christ. When That Happens Pain, Hurt And Sorrow You Will Barely Notice Because Your Under Gods Umbrella Of Holy Love.


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