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A Sad Day

I hope you take away something positive. Different perspectives keep me inspired.

Nothing is admirable here, undeniably dire
Closer to the edge, my mind is on fire.

Restrained by pain
I'm paralyzed again.

I love you in a destructive unhealthy way
I beg for release of this demon every single day.

The best thing in the world can also be the worst
and with you on my mind, I'm reminded, I'm cursed.

Can you hear the shallow breathing from the floor?
I will hold on, until my tears are no more.

I'm happy sometimes, then I get sad
but who knows why, I really feel this bad.

I hope the past loosens its grip
I can't hit rewind, fast-forward or skip.

I'm just a passenger, here we go again
The desire for completeness is driving me insane.

© 2020 Adam Mason

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