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Democracy Is Our Pride

Democracy is best thinking. Please save democracy.


Democracy is all's pride.

Listen America.
Democracy is your pride.
Never let this end.
This is your honor.

America, sometimes the pillars of democracy,
Don't let you fall
Whoever tries it
punish him.

America, this democracy is your strength.
America, this democracy is your life.
The country has no meaning without democracy.
Democracy is also the pride of our lord.

There are so many enemies of democracy.
Will be born on this earth now.
Listen America,
Don't let democracy fall apart.

Whoever misleads democracy,
Throw him out of the country.
Make the law such that America,
No one can destroy democracy.

Democracy maintains peace in the country.
Democracy keeps the country safe.
Democracy gives strength to the country.
Democracy made the country developed.

© 2022 imranali9759