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A Poem about my Psychosis.

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One day you think your Jesus Christ,
the next you have Satans' might,
weekends you think you're both,
you think you're them the most.

Think you've been lobotomized,
why you don't emotionalize,
think you're the horseman War,
wonder what it's all for.

You think of something to do,
start an anarchist coup,
hunt down the fourth Reich,
rise with all you're might.

Alway's something to think about,
the truth is always in doubt,
though the harm is remaining,
delusions are entertaining.

Your past is a total mystery,
no one talks about your history,
you think it's kept secret,
you go into enragement.

You find yourself hospitalized,
keep you heavily tranquilized,
realize you went 'round the bend,
laugh about it in the end.


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