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Degenerative Determination

3 for 3 working with new artists and our jam going top 5 on pop billboard chart


Speaking in poetry is clinical brain damage

It's a clear sign of soul hemorrhage

Such nonconformity is strongly discouraged

Legally enforced banality of word marriage

A distinct symptom of English heritage

Construction of prose is disparaged

Inverse in the hierarchy of language

Upside down world holds another hostage

Specularum like a wonderland cottage

While neural injury is celebrated and encouraged

Intellectual Cuckoos nest of scholastic parentage

Achievement based on economic percentage

Possessions a trap of emotional leverage

They own you by the things you own

Your house car family clothes and phone

Proudly brand yourself in customer inclusion

Paid in excess with all the proper delusions

Anyone who sees it suffers from hallucinations

Never disclose it even with extreme hesitation

The wrath will not recognize any limitation

The insanity is applied to every situation

Obey the specularum in deed and invocation

It's not hard and part of every indoctrination

Be pregnant, god fearing, and willing for exploitation

If not pretend to be so for positive evaluation

If so, pretend not or suffer the humiliation

The reversely expressed degenerative determination

The goal of control through child like regression

By the people 1st victims of their own religion

Maintained through chains of responsibility delegation

Continuing through you in infinite progression

Blamed on the self reflection of the human condition

Meanings divorced from reality leaving only imagination

This is the truth with out pretense or exaggeration

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