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Definitive Conclusion

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

When it comes to royalty, image meant everything

How they were presented to the world in print and on film

No stone left unturned in how they showcased themselves

As a united front that fought back against outsiders

Trying to destroy what made the institution powerful

Duty often overtook emotional fulfillment; even in love

Especially if your ideal wasn't royally ideal

Forced to marry someone personally incompatible

That looked suitably well on paper and everywhere else

A relationship built on a weak foundation from the start

What happened when love was left to wither on the vine

Suffocating under the weight of circumstance and dislike

Emotional distaste for the person closest to you

A relationship that resembled a business transaction

For societal clout and preserving the status quo

Instead of going after what the heart truly desired

Living a lie to preserve an archaic tradition

Of image and good breeding to carve out futures

Romance and family became chess pieces

On a board larger than life itself and almost invisible as well

The ultimate contradiction to match that rotten union

Cheating allegations on both sides of the aisle

Disgusted with keeping up pretenses in public

Ready to pull the plug and conclude this fiasco

Decided to air out the dirties pieces of laundry

To get the ball rolling in this particular break-up

Might be considered childish and calculated

Needed to simply to break this ironclad wall

Wrapped around the exit door for good

An end to a story that was a rather long gestating one

Sputtered to a conclusion of some particular kind

Bitterness and resentment came into play

Poisoning an already tainted well that ran extremely dry

Almost made the Sahara desert look like a river by comparison

A mistake of airing some of that laundry made media

Hungrier for the tidbits left unshared by everyone

Forced a harsher conclusion that led to a lifetime of sadness

A gaping hole that left many family members brokenhearted

Wondered what would have happened differently

If tradition didn't play a part in everything that unfolded

Leaving a lot of deep seated anger in its wake

Hard to say what will come out of the ashes if anything would.

An image that didn't fit the reality.

An image that didn't fit the reality.