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Definition Of Poetry


Poetry is something that makes poets restless
It never allows poets to do something else without completing their poetries
When the seeds of poetry sprout they never let poets sleep
Poetry is like dark clouds of thoughts
and when warmth of heart makes them
melt it rains on paper in the form of
drops of words
Sometimes it is like the season of spring
It blossoms flowers of emotions
First in heart and then makes poets arrange them in a bouquet of poetry
When poets are sad with heavy hearts
poetry flows from poets' eyes
Poetry is like a river
It emerges from the mountain of poet's heart
It keeps flowing to reach the ocean of hearts of readers
Poetry is like a lap of mother
Where poets find their solace
Poetry is like a prayer
Where poets connect to the supreme energy
Poetry is like a child
whom poets love, pamper and adore
Poetry is like a mirror
Where poets express, confess and appear
without wearing any facades
Poetry is like poets' eyes
Readers can see and read poets' hearts, minds and souls through their poetries
Poetry is like the rising sun
It enlightens the hearts of readers
Poetry is like soothing moonlight
It heals the Intangible wounds of hearts
Poetry is like a rainbow of feelings.

© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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