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Defining Moment: Poetry

Chris practices free writing which often produces humorous or introspective results with practical applications to living life more fully.

What is a Defining Moment?

Men and women often come to a critical point in their lives when change is demanded. They demand it of themselves. They imagine the place they want to go, yet they cannot see it clearly. The defining moment is a hope, a dream, and it requires a leap of faith, a gamble. The wager must be made and it is a wager for the whole pot.

A Defining Moment, An Event Horizon, The Point of No Return

Some of you, my writer friends, know what I'm talking about. You came to a point in your lives where change was demanded, where you demanded change. You stepped out in that leap of faith into a whole new life of writing full time. It was your defining moment.

I have had at least two defining moments in my lifetime so far. I sense a third coming, but I can't see it. I don't know its nature nor if it is worth the gamble.


Defining Moment

This defining moment distills from all my moments,

Whether high


Or the nearly propless stage between the two,

A minimalist set

Where most of the scenes of my life are acted out,

And blends them into one steeping mishmash caldron,

Of adrenaline


And monotony of the day to day

Two dimensional life

Of a character dancing across the pages.


The chip stacks, my own personal skyline

Of hard choices


People, places, things, causes, effects and motives

Of a lifetime

Stand on the green of the dealer’s table.

All I have been in the ups and downs of life,

The proud moments


The sum total of who I was

Of who I am,

Slide across the betting line.

The dealer flips his cards.

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