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Define Me Love...


Love, at the touch of which we freeze

A feeling that drives deep down striking the heart

An emotion that makes a person speechless

Love is when you find home

Into their arms

When you built up hope

Creating a future filled with dream and desire

If I ask all my readers a simple question, define love?

The oxford would say it’s a feeling with bonds people

Well is that true?

Is that the feeling you get when you loved one

Wraps their arms around you

Move a step closer and whisper into your ear

I word that cannot be defined

A bond that cannot be explained

Simply words which keeps one alive

I love you

Don’t be ashamed to show your love

To that one person in your mind

Love is to be shared

Yet to be all to yourself

When it becomes all yours…


© 2018 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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