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Define The Divine

The Ultimate Source Of Positivity

The Ultimate Source Of Positivity

Define The Divine

Some call him The Supreme,

The Almighty some scream.

Some call him Lord,

The one who carries all our load on his back that is broad.

By different names he is defined.

In different ways, is remembered the divine.

By some he is known as the guide,

By some he is called the saviour from tide.

He is the strength to face the storm,

He has various forms.

He is the one who makes us rise after a fall.

The epitome of truth and purity he is also called.

Some doubt his existence,

Some doubt his presence.

Anything that gives you power,

Anything that gives you positive energy and valour.

When by anything positive you feel,

When anything has the power to give you enthusiasm and zeal,

That source of felicity,

Is actually none other than the Almighty!

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