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Defeating Life's Enemies

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Success is in your DNA, utilize it.

Success is in your DNA, utilize it.

I reached out to grasp at stone cold hearts,

Gripping tightly the dead air.

Denying the good whenever it starts,

To myself I had never been fair.

A broken boy turns hard as stone,

Rolling farther and faster with every fight.

Quarrels with demons to not feel so alone,

Blanket of nightmares keeps him warm at night.

Letting go of the past meant battling the self,

Ripping rotted pieces from his gaping chest.

Take the sword of fury off life’s dusty shelf,

And rush into combat where he functioned best.

Those fights he faced remain in the past,

But battles will never cease to rise.

Using trauma to create a great big blast,

To blow away tears from his watery eyes.

He reaches out in the silence of his thoughts,

Gripping tightly the confidence he lacks.

Bobbing and weaving through endless plots,

Counting the bodies that ended in stacks.

He found his strength in the weakness of others,

Surviving to spite those who wished he’d fail.

Turned from enemies who called themselves brothers,

And breaks every enemy both strong and frail.